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IIS7 + ISAPI + DB Connection


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Hi all,


It seems that Win2008 64 bit + IIS 7 has some extra configuration issues as

compared to the procedure from the documentation.


I configured all as in the Resources -> IIS7.

On Win2003 all works fine.

On Win2008 it is impossible to connect to the database ???!!!.


Application starts , presents the logon screen and then "Login failed" because it can't connect to the database.


ISAPI module error message pretends that the communication library "does not exist or can't be loaded".


I put the fbclient.dll in every possible place ( c:\windows\system32\, c:\wondows\wow64 , next to the isapi.dll)

I altered the PATH enviromet variable and added the path to where the dll was.

No luck !


The same thing happened with the mysqllib.dll when I tried to connect to a mysql instance.


If I compile the application as an StandAlone Application and place it in the very spot of the ISAPI.DLL

everything works fine. No "Can't load libruary blalblabla..." message. It just works.


Does anyone have an ideea why an ISAPI.DLL module can't load the communication libruary ( that is another dll ).

If it's a security issue of IIS , how to deal with that ?





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I had same problem not sure what I did, but it works now.


One thing I know I had problems with 64 bit FB Install once and I installed 32 bit FB instead and things started to work.


Security and rights to access files is stricter now (Running 2012 also, no problem).



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Thanks for all people who tried to answer.


In the end it was, as I suspected but could not put the finger on it,

a really stupid thing.


Installation of Firebird was only "Server install". That's all I needed on the server

when I started the project with a client-server application!


For the web interface of the program it is evidently necessary that the instalation is "Server + Client",

evidently the web module beeing the "client".


I uninstalled the previous instalation and reinstalled with Server + Client option.


It works now.



Thanks again

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... been difficult for me to change to IIS 7 (I can not even figure out what security) someone could tell us how did the update of windows 2003 server with IIIS 6.0 to Windows 2008 server with IIS 7 and ISAPI our


Thanks in advance

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