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Browser memory management

Darth Florus

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Mr. Farshad:


I have some of my users that have a small machines to use my system.


They have only 1 gb of ram and use Internet Explorer 8.


When my system is used many times, the memory of his machines is out because the browser consumes all the available memory.


There is a way to "Free" the browser javascript memory via Unigui or some other way to permit these users to work?


Best Regards


Oscar Flor

Sebaot Software

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After how many hours does this happen?


IE8 seems to have some memory leak issues when using a heavily Object based JS framework. Users can close the browser when it is idle and re-open it.


Why don't you ask your users to use Chrome which is much faster and more reliable?


Hours? je, je, je nop in the instant! maybe because my "screens" are too complex and full populated of entry fields.


I will say to my users to use only Chrome instead of IE. That really is better than IE.


I will probe this and will report you the results soon...


Thanks a Best Regards

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