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  1. Hello: You can use https://www.sqlmanager.net/en/products/tools/advancedexport to export to many formats.
  2. dionel1969

    News RAD XE6

    It seems to be RAD XE5.6, or maybe I'm wrong?
  3. This is the same problem that I have: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/3482-unigui-in-delphi-xe2-and-inheritance/
  4. Ok. I will try. PS: Sorry for the delay in my answer.
  5. Hello everybody: I just installed Delphi XE2 in a recently installaded Windows 2003 Server. With this X2 installation I intall last uploaded Unigui version. There's nothing before, but when I tryingt to use "inheritance mechanism" from unigui there appear an error like this: "UniForm not found". Is there something I'm missing??? Notice: I use this with Delphi 2009 and it works well. Thank you for your attention and time.
  6. Hello: I was looking this site and there are some possible options for hosting apps. http://www.superb.net/
  7. UniMainModule.OnSessionTimeout did not work for me in the "near" past while there was a ADO Proc running. To avoid that I had to use threads for calling ADO Proc and do some refreshing in the interface using unitimer.
  8. Thank you for your comments. This issue I solved a time ago, but anyway thank you again for your help.
  9. dionel1969


    Yes, it looks good. (at glance).
  10. Hello: In this days I was missing a components like TUniCheckListBox or TUniCheckGroup and the DB pairs.
  11. Thank you. I will take a look about it later.
  12. dionel1969


    +1 I think that all possible validations that can be done on the client side would be very good for systems made ​​for the web. The reasons, everyone knows them very well.
  13. Yo pienso que todas las validaciones que se puedan hacer del lado del cliente (Cliente Side) sería muy bueno, pues ahorraría el viaje al servidor. Así que trataré de apoyar el POST. Dionel
  14. dionel1969


    Algún día podrá aparecer un saludo desde la misma Cuba. Eso espero. Dionel
  15. Hello: Any one knows about m6.net???? They announce this:
  16. dionel1969


    Bueno, un saludo de un cubano desde Rep. Dominicana.
  17. A suggestion: It would be good that mouse become to hand-pointer when it is over image that you use as button for choices and this will the difference with the others. One question because I did not test that: It is necessary to logout from program to change the app's skin? En español: Sería bueno que el cursor del mouse se cambiar a "hand point" cuando uno esté encima de las imagenes que son opciones seleccionables, eso hará la diferencia con las otras que sólo son parte de la identificación del programa. Una pregunta, y es porque no lo he probado hasta ahora: ¿Es necesario salirse de la aplicación para cambiar el estilo de la aplicación?
  18. I have an app that use some icons for actions, then at init I "show" they with visible set to false, then after login I change their visible properties to true. The Login form is a dialog, so it is modal. The main form is "mfPage". It is working good.
  19. Ok, Thanks a lot for your help. I'm now converting the Process, because it come "as is" from the same application but a versiion that is running in Windows. For a few POSes and a few tickets it works well, the problem come when there are a lot of tickets. So, it is obvious that I have to convert the process to run it in a separate thread and then I need to use timer to get feed back from server side. Thanks again. Dionel
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