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Lazarus/FPC Support

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I can almost guarantee that when uniGUI provides support for Lazarus/FPC, we will renew our subscription.

We really would like to hear some positive news about this topic.

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This is fairly old topic but I have to push this idea because it is more and more important to us.

RAD Studio is very expensive whereas Lazarus + FPC are free to use. I can understand that there are technical challenges to overcome about porting UniGUI to work on Lazarus + FPC but benefits for us would just be amazing.

My question is: Is there any plans to do this or is it too difficult or practically impossible to do? I would like to see clear answer on this because if it's not going to happen, we need to do certain adjustments to our plans in future as well.

Because of the silence of the developers on this, I lean to think that it won't be happening but I would be extremely happy to be wrong on this one.

// Mika

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sencha, belongs to idera, who owns the delphi, if the unigui does this, it may be that idera does not renew the contract with unigui, oh no, it will do nothing, have the lazarus, and not have the sencha behind the unigui. it would be a war that the unigui would make with the idera, I think that is not a good idea.

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I hope one day uniGUI considers a version of the tool that targets multiple JS UI client frameworks with linux (already present) and Lazarus. May be in the future the developer makes available some abstract parts of the tool to override and adapt it to different JS UI frameworks. 

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