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  1. When it will be published? Or can you publish it here for now?
  2. i am in the same situation and decided to go with Rest API. i will consider Tms XData for server side if i go with delphi as back end, but for now i am studying how is it easy to use Asp net core as back end for delphi interface.
  3. Hello, Any work in progress done or expected time of arrival? Thanks, Ahmed.
  4. it is just a roadmap,so why it is restricted to registered users?
  5. Tms has a separate framework for back end called Xdata that can be used with web core easily or you are free to use any back end like Asp.net core or php or java or Nodejs
  6. Tms web Core getting to be more strong. they seems that are Now working in wrapping Extjs Widgets, So unigui you have real Competitor
  7. uniGUI Complete Trial Edition 1.0.0 Build 1424
  8. Any Response for this question?
  9. and direct insert for new record - no need for "Add button" in the navigator . it should behave like vcl dbgrid that when reach last column and press enter or tab or in any record when pressing down arrow the new record should be inserted.
  10. hello Farshad, any plan for separate mobile Edition license? thanks
  11. Hi, is it possible to integrate Stimulsoft Reports.JS from https://www.stimulsoft.com/en/products/reports-js? it is javascript reporting tool. thanks ahmed.
  12. Hello, RTL (Right To Left layout) property not working for UniTreeView and UnipageControl. to reproduce the bug just set RTL to true for NavTree and UniPageControl1in mainForm of AllFearturesDemo thanks, Ahmed.
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