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  1. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Service_Worker_API On the above Service Worker API documentation there are mentions of geo-location or geo-fencing. with "In the future..." wish.
  2. Sorry it seems that Geolocation object inside worker thread is not available.
  3. You can use service workers in JS. I have used them to send messages to my web app (when they are in the background) but not tried geo location.
  4. Sorry I don't have an example, it's inside my web app. Actually there is not much code other then including Jitsi JS files to your servermodule and the above AddJS function on a form. The more important thing is to have Jitsi installed in correct way to your server and configure it. And this is documented well on their website. Just one note that it will not function (it will try to redirect to mobile app) on mobile phones unless you have this JS config. ' configOverwrite:{'+ ' disableDeepLinking :true'+ ' }'+
  5. Also I did not load it with 1000 users but it is possible and there is a documentation for scaling.
  6. I have been using https://jitsi.org/ for some months with success. I installed on my server so that I can configure to my needs. There is documentation https://jitsi.github.io/handbook/docs/intro there you can find self hosting help. It is free and open source based on WebRTC. This is how I use it inside uniGUI you can configure usage based on your needs: I only did not try to disable video (I use it for video conferancing) but should be possible with the configuration. UniSession.AddJS( 'if (typeof window.jitsi_api !== "undefined") {'+ ' window
  7. Because assigning window.location.href redirects from current uniGUI context. Try one of the approaches from this url https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7554108/javascript-window-location-in-new-tab?lq=1 window.open("tel://' + sTel + '"', '_blank');
  8. The 2020 roadmap link on the main page of your website is not working http://unigui.com/explore/unigui-roadmap-2020 Other than that the new website looks very much modern.
  9. I hope one day uniGUI considers a version of the tool that targets multiple JS UI client frameworks with linux (already present) and Lazarus. May be in the future the developer makes available some abstract parts of the tool to override and adapt it to different JS UI frameworks.
  10. Rica ederim. Ekli mail gönderimi haricinde, AttachHtmlFile foksiyonu da aşağıdaki şekilde kullanılabilir: HTML formatındaki içeriğe örneğin bir logo gömmek istersek. BodyStr := '<html><head></head>'+ '<body>'+ '<p><img src="cid:ticket.png"></p>'+ '</body>'+ '</html> AttachHtmlFile( 'ticket.png', '\xxxxxxxxxx\xxxxxxxxx\ticket.png', 'image/png', 'ticket.png'); //AContentID parametresi HTML kodu içerisinde cid:ticket.png
  11. Yukarıdaki kodun formatı bozuksa aşağıdaki adrese de yükledim: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kl77k2yk9pr36c5/SecureMailClient.zip?dl=1
  12. unit SecureMailClient; interface uses IdMessage, Classes, IdSMTP, IdText, IdAttachment, IdAttachmentFile, IdMessageParts, IdMessageBuilder, System.SysUtils, System.IOUtils, System.Contnrs; const SMTP_PORT_EXPLICIT_TLS = 587; type TSSLEmailAttachFile = class Name: string; FileName: string; ContentType: string; ContentID: string; TempFile: Boolean; HtmlRelated: Boolean; end; TSSLEmail = class(TObject) private IdMessage: TIdMessage; SMTP: TIdSMTP; FedDelaySeconds: Integer; FedHTML
  13. Zipleyip yükledim bu sefer. Forum yazılımı ile ilgili olabilir SecureMailClient.zip
  14. Oops my bad! yes redirect would destroy the previous session so my answer is wrong.
  15. Tüm kaynak kod SecureMailClient.pas içindedir, detayları görebilirsiniz. AttachFile('pdfdosyasiadi', 'c:\zzzzzzzz\zzz\pdfdosyasi.pdf', 'application/pdf');
  16. Ekteki modülü inceleyin işinize yarayacaktır. Ek göndermek için bu fonsiyonları kullanabilirsiniz: procedure AttachHtmlFile(const AName, AFileName, AContentType, AContentID: string; ATempFile: Boolean = False); procedure AttachTempFile(const AName, AFileName, AContentType: string); procedure AttachFile(const AName, AFileName, AContentType: string); Örnek kullanım: if UniServerModule.ConfigINI.SMTP.ConfigExists then begin EmailSenderThread := TEmailSenderThread.Create(True); with EmailSenderThread.SSLEmail do begin edToEmai
  17. One option would be to get the parameter into a property of your main module during first call and redirect default to page www.xyz.de. This way the parameter would be visible only before during the redirection
  18. I had the same issue but I thought that it was by design and did not report it. This is how I solved it (I am not sure if it helps in your case) New form is opened on top of an other form: (Capture1.png) 1) on its UnimFormShow I have UniSession.AddJS('document.getElementById("'+cpMenuContainer.JSId+'").parentElement.style.backgroundColor="rgba(1,1,1,0.5)";'); So that it darkens the previous form's visible area. 2) Also cpMenuContainer has its Color property set 3) I open the frmGetVisitType as Modal
  19. Thanks very much I've checked your demo.
  20. I should have checked the time you posted (its close again). Thanks anyway.
  21. Before going with Angular did you try with unigui's mobile version components?
  22. If your demo web app still active I would like to see its UI. It gives the following message currently: Thanks
  23. So the communication method is standart. If your communication is related to a user session and if you need to repeat the call to this API (like every few seconds) use a TuniTimer events. If it is a one-time call than just call within events available to your forms, standard Delphi way. So there is no ready made components to connect to your devices but you can use THttpClient, TJSONObject etc. to build your JSON and send it over http.
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