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HyperServer multiple servers ?


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Hello everyone, i have a doubt about the HyperServer.

On this page in the online help http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/a-more-in-depth-look-at-hypers.htm 

we can see this information : 


Not only HyperServer can manage a cluster of Nodes inside same server,  but also it can be extended to manage multiple cluster of Nodes on multiple servers. Which means you will be able to run uniGUI applications on a server farm. This will add a new dimension to web apps developed using uniGUI and Delphi.

There's a example of how can i setup multiple servers with HyperServer ? i can't find anything about it in the online help.

There's a diagram with the structure with more than one physical server ?


Thank you in advance!
Best regards.

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