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  1. Hello guys, i figure out. I just have to override the DoOnChange event. unit MyUniEdit; interface uses Classes, uniGuiTypes, uniGUIClasses, UniGuiDialogs, UniEdit; type TMyUniEdit = class(TUniEdit) public procedure DoOnChange; override; end; procedure Register; implementation procedure Register; begin RegisterComponents('MyUnigui', [TMyUniEdit]); end; { TMyUniEdit } procedure TMyUniEdit.DoOnChange; begin inherited DoOnChange; // code something end; end.
  2. No one ? we normally do something like this : unit MyEdit; interface uses Vcl.StdCtrls, vcl.Dialogs; Type TMyEdit = class(TEdit) public procedure Change; override; end; procedure Register; implementation uses System.Classes; procedure Register; begin RegisterComponents('MySuite', [TMyEdit]); end; { TMyEdit } procedure TMyEdit.Change; begin inherited; showmessage('MyOnChange'); end; end. But in Unigui the procedure "Change" doesn't exists on TUniEdit. Here is my code : unit MyUniEdit; interface uses Classes, uniGuiTypes, uniGUIClasses, uniGUIForm, UniEdit; type TMyUniEdit = class(TUniEdit) public procedure Change; override; end; procedure Register; implementation procedure Register; begin RegisterComponents('MyUnigui', [TMyUniEdit]); end; { TMyUniEdit } procedure TMyUniEdit.Change; begin inherited; if (Assigned(OnChange)) then showmessage('MyOnChange'); end; end. but the compiler message is : [dcc32 Error] MyUniEdit.pas(11): E2137 Method 'Change' not found in base class
  3. Hello, i'm testing the UniGui trial and trying to create a new TMyUniEdit with the OnChange method overriden but can't figure out how can someone post an example on how can i create a TUniEdit descendant with the OnChange method Overriden ? Thanks!
  4. Rebelss

    How to use this css in unigui's edit(s)

    I like to know as well!
  5. Rebelss

    HyperServer multiple servers ?

    Hello everyone, i have a doubt about the HyperServer. On this page in the online help : http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/a-more-in-depth-look-at-hypers.htm we can see this information : There's a example of how can i setup multiple servers with HyperServer ? i can't find anything about it in the online help. There's a diagram with the structure with more than one physical server ? Thank you in advance! Best regards.
  6. Hello everyone, i'm testing UniGui and can't align the components on the mobile, in the designtime everying seens to align right. but when run on mobile it's misaligned. here is design time : And here is runtime : guess im missing something, what can i do ? I'm using version, trial ------------------------------------------------------------- [SOLUTION] : Since i can't reply the topic, i'll edit the post with the solution. Thank you Farshad and Sherzod, you guys are the best! The TUnimFieldSet works better than expected for me. Thank you again, and hope to buy your framework when my software is finished.
  7. Rebelss

    FastReport 6_3 !

    Thank you!
  8. Hello eveyone, i like to ask how can i send messages from a class to a UniForm, i have all the business logic in the TCustomer class, which have CustomerStateChange method and the class TCustomerView which is the view. How can the class TCustomer can send a message to the class TCustomerView on StateChange of dsCustomer ( linked to FDQCustomer) ? On a traditionally windows 32 application a would use SendMessage with the TCustomerView handle, to send messages to the view. Here is my TCustomer class code : unit uTCustomer; interface uses system.classes, Data.DB, FireDAC.Comp.Client, Winapi.Messages; const WM_StateChange = WM_APP + 400; WM_AfterScroll = WM_APP + 401; type TCustomer = class(TComponent) private conn: TFDConnection; FDQCustomer: TFDQuery; procedure CustomerAfterScroll(DataSet: TDataSet); procedure CustomerStateChange(Sender: TObject); public dsCustomer: TDataSource; constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent); override; end; implementation uses Winapi.Windows; { TCustomer } procedure TCustomer.CustomerAfterScroll(DataSet: TDataSet); begin SendMessage(CustomerViewHWND, WM_AfterScroll, 0, 0); end; procedure TCustomer.CustomerStateChange(Sender: TObject); begin SendMessage(CustomerViewHWND, WM_StateChange, 0, 0); end; constructor TCustomer.Create(AOwner: TComponent); begin inherited; conn := TFDConnection.Create(self); FDQCustomer := TFDQuery.Create(self); FDQCustomer.Connection := conn; dsCustomer := TDataSource.Create(self); dsCustomer.DataSet := FDQCustomer; dsCustomer.OnStateChange := CustomerStateChange; FDQCustomer.AfterScroll := CustomerAfterScroll; FDQCustomer.Open('select * from customers'); end; end. And here is the TCustomerView code : unit uTCustomerView; interface uses Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Variants, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms, uniGUITypes, uniGUIAbstractClasses, uniGUIClasses, uniGUIForm, uTCustomer, uniGUIBaseClasses, uniEdit; type TCustomerView = class(TUniForm) edt_idCustomer: TUniEdit; edt_NameCustomer: TUniEdit; procedure UniFormCreate(Sender: TObject); private Customer: TCustomer; { Private declarations } public { Public declarations } protected procedure CustomerStateChange(var msg: TMessage); message WM_StateChange; end; function CustomerView: TCustomerView; implementation {$R *.dfm} uses MainModule, uniGUIApplication, Data.DB; function CustomerView: TCustomerView; begin Result := TCustomerView(UniMainModule.GetFormInstance(TCustomerView)); end; { TCustomerView } procedure TCustomerView.CustomerStateChange(var msg: TMessage); begin edt_idCustomer.enabled := Customer.dsCustomer.DataSet.State in [dsInsert]; edt_NameCustomer.enabled := Customer.dsCustomer.DataSet.State in [dsInsert]; end; procedure TCustomerView.UniFormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin Customer := TCustomer.Create(self); end; end. Is this the best way to communicate through the classes ? SendMessages ? the Unigui server handle it well ?
  9. Rebelss

    How to implement chat with UniGui?

    Can you post an example ? please ?
  10. Rebelss

    Unigui "VOYAGER"????????

    Why obviously ? its not that obvious to me since the HyperServer can be the differential criteria to choose UniGui or any other platform. But I will not buy it before being absolutely sure it will serve all my needs. And for this test the Hyperserver is essential I already test unigui and found it excellent, but there are some major problems with my architecture, for example : Today i have a server with several customers, each customer have a different application running. In this scenario, if i have to update a customer program, i just rename the old executable and put new one in the folder, next call will be in the new executable. With Apache i can't do that, i have to reboot the apache server module, which will cause the interruption of all connected customers. Question : We sell our software by concurrent use licensing, i'll be able to control the sessions across multiple servers ? Today we limit the customers by the windows user, which customer have a windows user that can connect only one time. If other person try to connect, the previous session is closed. It's possible to do this with Unigui + HyperServer ? Question2: There's an automatic way to send new version to the hyperserver ? I'm asking because today we send updates directly from delphi IDE ( using post build events ) to our customers, and the software is programmed to do a self update. There's a way to do this using Unigui + HyperServer ? Please, try to release a HyperServer trial license, it's fundamental to test with it before buy.
  11. i'm having this problem as well, it seens that refresh button don't re-open the dataset. steps to reproduce : 1) Open a dataset ( select * from Clientes order by idCliente desc) ( last record inserted : 1000 ) 2) Insert and commit record 1001 using MySQL workbench 3) Hit refresh button on UniDBGrid, doesn't show record 1001, only works if i explicit call FDQuery1.refresh.