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Found 14 results

  1. @Sherzod доброе время суток. Заметил странное поведение грида, после того как уничтожаешь объект Edit, который является редактором фильтра в столбце, столбец исчезает. Срабатывает событие "onColumnHide" testGrid.zip Суть в том, что я запоминаю действия над столбцами и записываю в конфиг. При последующем построении грида, настройки столбцов считываются с этого конфига. Получается так, что при каждом перестроении грида, у меня не произвольно пропадают столбцы
  2. Dear all, I know, i can do locked in unidbgrid. But my project mostly goes to mobile interface / touch version. Can i ask , how to locked column in UNIMDBGRID ? in my case, i want to lock first column, so when i scroll left or right, the first column will remain..
  3. I have a DBGrid with a TUniNumberEdit Editor for Floating Numbers set to 2 Decimal places that fails to paint only 2 decimal places, please advise - thanks. // GST nmInvEdit2.Alignment:= taRightJustify; nmInvEdit2.AllowBlank:= False; nmInvEdit2.DecimalSeparator:= '.'; nmInvEdit2.DecimalPrecision:= 2; // GST Columns.Add; Columns.Items[i].FieldName:= 'GST'; Columns.Items[i].Visible:= True; Columns.Items[i].Title.Alignment:= taRightJustify; Columns.Items[i].Title.Caption:= '$GST'; Columns.Items[i].Width:= 100; Columns.Items[i].Editor:= nmInvEdit2; //Columns.Items[i].Flex:= 1; Columns.Items[i].Font.Color:= clBlack; Columns.Items[i].Sortable:= True; Columns.Items[i].ShowSummary:= False;
  4. Without using an Editor can we round float columns to 2 decimal places ? If we have to use an Editor then I still need to round float value to 2 decimal places - Please show how to implement ? Do we use something like this and how do we apply it in code:- applyValue: function(value) { value = parseFloat(value); if (isNaN(value) || value === null) { value = this.getDefaultValue(); } //round the value to 1 decimal value = Math.round(value * 100) / 100; return this.callParent([value]); },
  5. sample code to resize automaticaly uniDbGrid columns: thanks to Oleg by the model code. function reconfigure(sender, store, columns, oldStore, the, eOpts) { Ext.each(columns, function(column, index) { if (!sender.columnManager) { sender.columns[index].flex=1; /*fit width, comment to disable*/ sender.columns[index].minWidth = 150; /*min.size*/ } else { sender.columnManager.columns[index].flex=1; sender.columnManager.columns[index].minWidth = 150; }; } ) } Demo project Attached. uniDBGrid_Column_AutoSize.rar
  6. Hi I'm having a problem with the Editor component on the grid columns. I use the editor in a very similar way then the code sample Grid-Filter2, But there is a behavior that has changed and i could not solve it. In the current version of Unigui when the mouse is over the column Header the Editor immediately gains focus. But in older versions this doesn't happen and I need the old behavior. There is a solution to that? I've messed around with the editor component without success. I dont quite know if the problem is clear, but just run the grid-filter2 on the curent version and pass the mouse over the editors of the columns. Then do it on a older version of the unigui and compare de behavior. It seems that there is a setFocus on a mouseOver event somewhere. thanks
  7. Hello, I'm having a question, I am typing a value in the 1st column of dbgrid and pressing ENTER or TAB, since the cursor goes to the 3rd column, how do I perform the setfocus in the desired column of the UniDBGrid? In DBGrid we use DBGrid1.SelectedIndex: = 2; Thank you very much in advance.
  8. Hi all, I have a DbGrid with dgEditing=true. I would like to limit the columns that can be selected, because some contains icons and some other are text read-only. I am struggling with ClientEvents and CellModel, but I not so familiar with JS and I am wasting too much time. So, how can I limit my grid to only focus on the third column for example ? Thanks you all Andrea
  9. Hi, is there a way to lock UniDbgrid column on runtime? For example onbuttonclick I wan't to lock first two columns.
  10. How to format a column in numerical format in the TUniMDbGrid component? EX: 1.230.100,20 Thanks Zanona
  11. Hello, I looked at Your sample with a UniDBGrid and 3 fixed Columns. I try to set the property LOCKED for my first 3 columns while run time, because I want to output a ClientDataSet, which fields are created at run time. Can You please post me a sample with dynamically set LOCKED-property? Thank You Marcus
  12. hi After the data is loaded How can I auto-width columns
  13. Hi to all Unigui Community, after a research on the forum I don't find how to sort columns on unidbgrid. There is a demo that does it but no source code. Moreover I enabled the option sortable, menu is enabled, but does not sort anything. Thanks for your time.
  14. Hello. Thank you very much Farshad Mohajeri. uniGUI Version 0.92 was needed. Especially UniDBGrid.Column.GroupHeader property. But, what about if, GroupHeader more than two levels? Thank you ...
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