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  1. Gosh. lightening fast. And now works perfctly the way i wanted, and the way it was back a few versions. But do you know why this was changed between updates? Any way Thank you very much for your support.
  2. Hi Sherzod. It kinda worked. There is no more automatic focus after one editor is already focused. But it still happens on the first editor that the mouse goes over. On a new opened frame for example. And if i click on the grid(selecting a row or a cell) the focus is set to the grid as normal, but as soon as the mouse passes over a Column Header its editor gains focus immediately again. If i click (using filter2 as reference) in a company name, after the click if the mouse goes over the adress Column Header(or any) its editor gains focus. And this happens on any kind
  3. Hi I'm having a problem with the Editor component on the grid columns. I use the editor in a very similar way then the code sample Grid-Filter2, But there is a behavior that has changed and i could not solve it. In the current version of Unigui when the mouse is over the column Header the Editor immediately gains focus. But in older versions this doesn't happen and I need the old behavior. There is a solution to that? I've messed around with the editor component without success. I dont quite know if the problem is clear, but just run the grid-filter2 on the curent
  4. Hi Sherzod, TUnimDatePicker worked, Thank you. About TUnimSelect, I need translate the buttons (Cancel, Done) too. I Try search in the source code like TUnimDatePicker, but ist diferent. You could help me with TUnimSelect ?
  5. Hi, I need translate caption of buttons (Cancel, Done) of component TUnimDatePicker. The component TUniFileUpload, I need translate caption of button (Browse...). How proceed ? ExtLocale = pr_BR UniGuiVersion = thanks in advance. Sergio Lopes de Aguiar
  6. Por favor, me adicione (48) 9 9668-9620
  7. sernet


    Salve Nirlan, trabalho junto com o Luiz, utilizamos o próprio servidor do UniGui. Até então, funciona sem problemas. Sérgio Lopes email: sernet@gmail.com skype: sernet
  8. sernet

    delphi xe2

    please, which the date for release? Sergio
  9. Hello, where i can download the unigui for delphi XE2? Sergio Lopes
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