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Found 16 results

  1. hello, I have a unigui service which calls another uniGui service in a frame via url in order to integrate the user functions of the second on the first. For each call to the second service, a uniGUI server session is generated. Do I have the ability to call logout from the first service on the second? Is this good integration practice or should I prefer developing a frame that calls restFul API and compiles on the first service? I use: Embarcadero® Delphi 10.3 Version 26.0.33219.4899 uniGUI Professional Edition v1.90.0.1564
  2. I use this procedure to create a runtime form with HTMLFrame procedure TDMT.ShowListStart(TTl: STring); Var F : TUniForm; RollingStone : TUniHTMLFrame; Begin F := TUniForm(UniApplication.FindComponent('MyShowListName')); if Assigned(F) then FreeAndNil(F); F := TUniForm.Create(UniApplication); With F Do Begin // Parent:=MainForm; AlignmentControl:=uniAlignmentServer; ClientHeight := 512 ; ClientWidth := 1248; OldCreateOrder := False ; Width:=Round(Screen.Width/4); Height:=Round(Screen.Height/2); Left:=Screen.Width-Round(Screen.Width/8); Top:=Screen.Height-Round(Screen.Height/4); Position:=poScreenCenter; BorderStyle:=bsSingle; BorderIcons:=[biMaximize,biSystemMenu]; Name:='MyShowListName'; KeyPreview:=True; Rtl:=False; Caption:=''; CaptionAlign:=taCenter; FormStyle:=fsStayOnTop; OnKeyDown:= KeyDownConfig; Caption:=TTl; FreeOnClose:=True; End; RollingStone:=TUniHTMLFrame.Create(F); With RollingStone Do Begin Parent:=F; AlignWithMargins := True; RTL := True; Align:=alClient; AutoScroll := True; Name:='MyShowListRollingStoneName'; end; End; And I use the normal form buttons to close it. This form closes without issue when called on a frame But if it is called while working on a form, the regular close button cannot close the form The form is designed as a server side How can I solve this problem?
  3. In my project I can set panel setScrollTop and setScrollLeft with the following code - works as expected. RightPanel.JSInterface.JSCall('body.setScrollTop', [0]); TopPanel.JSInterface.JSCall('body.setScrollLeft', [0]); If I understand correctly, to scroll to bottom I will need a 'div' id in the body script as a locator ? As for right ? Please advise with code example how to setScrollBottom and setScrollRight an a panel containing a HTMLFrame ? Thanks in advance
  4. Good Morning!!! How do I close a frame in a RowExpander when opening another Row? And also how to Trigger RowCollapse when Expanding another Row?
  5. Hello, I need that all my Frames have the same virtual method RefreshData. I created a common ancestor for the frames: TCommonFrame = class(TUniFrame) procedure RefreshData; virtual;abstract; end; and placed it into MainModule. For my actual Frames I changed manually their ancestor from TUniFrame to TCommonFrame: TUniFrame1 = class(TCommonFrame) procedure RefreshData;override; end; where I overrided the RefreshData method. Everything looks nice and works fine until the moment when I decides to "View as Text" any Frame or merely restart Delphi. After that any my Frame immediately starts looking as a Form (border view is changed), a lot of errors appear and nothing works. Where did I make a mistake? Ho to do it properly? I also tried using Class Helper for TUniFrame with a single RefreshData method, compilation was successful, but running caused access violation. Another question, the Forms OnDestroy handler is called earlier than OnDestroy of the Frames it owns. Is it normal? I have made workarounds so the questions above are just theoretical
  6. HI Exe How to Load Forms in DLL? Code execution does not report exceptions, but the main interface does not display DLL forms。 Main Form Calls DLL Code procedure TfrmMain.UniButton3Click(Sender: TObject); var f: TCreateDLLFormAsChild; c: TControl; begin f := GetProcAddress(DLLHandle, 'CreateDLLFormAsChild'); if Assigned(f) then begin c := f(UniTabSheet1); end; end; DLL Form Creation Method function CreateDLLFormAsChild(parent: TWinControl): TControl; stdcall; var frmResQuery: TfrmResQuery; begin if not Assigned(frmResQuery) then begin frmResQuery := TfrmResQuery.Create(UniApplication); frmResQuery.ParentFont := False; frmResQuery.ParentWindow := parent.Handle; frmResQuery.Visible := true; frmResQuery.Left := 100; frmResQuery.Top := 100; Result := frmResQuery; end; end; exports CreateDLLFormAsChild;
  7. Hello! first topic in here, I'm an IT guy on a small business and I have the need to build up a Intranet for our ~10 man team to communicate and load some data from our ERP software, so I'm testing some options, unigui is one of them because Unigui and delphi seems to be extremly productive in comparison to asp.net / php frameworks So let's cut the crap, I've download downloaded the trial and did some homework, here's some of my doubts by now: 1st: I pretend to use Unigui with the UniPageControl/Frames to do some tabs inside the page but some of the frames like let's say "InvoiceDetail" I'll need to open one two or more instances at once, one for each different Invoice. for that test I did this way: procedure NewTab(AFrame : TFrame;ATitle:string;Aid:integer); ... //creation of the TabSheet and other stuffs FCurrentFrame:= TUniFrameClass(AFrame).Create(Self); with FCurrentFrame do begin Name := Name+IntToStr(Aid); Tag := ATag; Align := alClient; Parent := TabSheet; end; end; I Create the FRAME and then I renamed it because I CAN'T have two frames with the same name, so, to overcome this issue I inserted the Invoice ID on the end of the InvoiceDetail, now InvoiceDetail became InvoiceDetail400 InvoiceDetail500 InvoiceDetailN and so on... The problem is that those Frames will need some ajaxRequest to be sent to the sever and on the client side on JS I can't find the correct name of the Frame to send like ajaxRequest(InvoiceDetail400,'EventName',[params]); how do I retrieve the correct frame name? 2nd: I already bought the FontAwesome 5 and it seems that uniGUI uses the free by default. Is there a way to remove the embbeded FA Free so the page won't load this two css's files? (5.0 and 4.7 free). I don't like this kind of mess and waste of resources. 3rd: Is there a complete documentation? (Example: I don't understand, what is UniHTMLFrame.AfterScript , when it runs? after the page is loaded? Is there a documentation about that?) Regards, Frega W.
  8. How do I create a button to close a frame on a PageControl? thanks.
  9. How do I get a value that is in the frame and send to a form created as modal? In vcl I created a property and passed before calling showmmodal! But at unigui I did not see how! Thanks Zanona
  10. hi, how can i load picture into TUniURLFrame? I tried next those two dont work URLViewer.HTML.Add('<img src="/cache/Workflow_exe/'+ CacheFolder + '/' + Node.Text +'?fake='+ DateTimeToStr(Now) + '" style="width:100%;height:100%">') //DONT WORK URLViewer.HTML.Add('<iframe style="width:100%;height:100%;border:none;background-repeat:no-repeat;background-sizecontain;background-image:url(/cache/Workflow_exe/'+ CacheFolder + '/' + Node.Text +'?fake='+ DateTimeToStr(Now) +'");"></iframe>') //DONT WORK This one is working but sizes of picture are two big. scrollers appear. URLViewer.URL:= '/cache/Workflow_exe/' + CacheFolder + '/' + Node.Text +'?fake=' + DateTimeToStr(Now);
  11. Hi, I have an application with structure like the UniGui DEMO, with a Main form and many Frames loaded at runtime as TUniTabSheet. In the Main form when I need call methods which reside in the uniMainModule, for example open a table, I can use this sintax: uniMainModule.tabCustomers.Open; because using the suggested declaration in MainModule: function uniMainModule: TuniMainModule; begin Result := TuniMainModule(UniApplication.UniMainModule) end; Now I try to do the same things for a Table available on my Frames, but getting exceptions at runtime because of wrong declaration I guess... Can you help on this different declaration/sintax ? Regards, Marc
  12. I test with FMSoft_uniGUI_Plus_runtime_0.99.0.1152 and Delphi XE6 When I insert a frame, i get this message.
  13. Best to all, Someone would have the kindness to tell me if it is possible to prevent unigui can refresh the page or go back in the browser. For example if a user right click on the page get a phenomenon and one of the options is the go to product above, as if the user presses F5 the page is regargara I regresesando to the first form shown and would like to avoid this behavior. - Since already Agradesco any help you can give me, thanks.
  14. Good morning to all, I have a couple of questions regarding Unigui 1 - I'm inserting a menu, but I want this menu not always this at the top but in a specific location such as inside a panel, the idea is to place in the first form a kind of baner and under the banner menu, but the menu is always placed above. 2 - As is to be able to display a form inside a panel. 3 - Finally got the application form for you to display in page mode, but as I show a modal form in this case. Thank you ...
  15. Buenos dias a Todos, Tengo un par de Pregunta con Relacion a Unigui 1- Estoy Insertando un menu, pero deseo que ese menu no este siempre en el tope sino en una ubicacion especifica por ejemplo dentro de un panel, la idea es colocar en el formulario primero una especie de baner y debajo del banner el menu, pero el menu siempre se coloca arriba. 2- como es que se logra mostrar un formulario dentro de un panel. 3- Por Ultimo tengo la aplicacion para que lo formulario se muestren en modo Pagina, pero como muestro un formulario modal en este caso. Gracias...
  16. Hi, vom morning everyone would put zoom in TUNIURLFRAME, TUNIHTMLFRAME, and the buttons would be between the frame and html content.
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