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  1. Thanks for the answer, pity.
  2. And can they be compiled and installed under newer Delphi versions?
  3. As far as I understand UniGui is being developed linearly, dropping older versions without support and offering a new version to install instead. But what if I prefer to use a version with 4.2.5 ExtJs? Is there way to buy it with some support?
  4. Setting the ReadOnly property to true makes the trigger buttons to disappear. Is there a workaround?
  5. Thanks! I have tried make client sorting, it works but partially - column is sorted but only for the first group ( I have UniDBGrid with grouped view). Is it possible just emulate column click?
  6. Hello, Is it possible to set in UniDBGrid the initial sorted columns (without first clicking a column)?
  7. The latest trial. Sorry, found an error - I call session methods from another session. Thanks
  8. Hello, I get the exception "TExtAbstractComponent.setDisabled requires explicit var declaration" when opening a new session in a browser
  9. Rav

    Audio stream

    Hello, I have an audio stream in the application that is filled with data once per second. Is it possible to listen to it without saving to a file?
  10. Any code in UniServiceModule, OnStop handler (e.g. "sleep(1000)") causes Windows Service Manager to show error box with message "Cannot stop the service". The OnStart event works properly. Latest trial, berlin 10.1.
  11. Thanks! That works perfect
  12. I have the same problem, font boldness can be removed by changing the FontStyle, but underlined font stays the same
  13. hello, How can TUniImageList be deprecated if it's got a feature the TUniNativeImageList's not? I mean automatic splitting long image file into multiple images.
  14. Hello, Small bug. Frame's ShowHint when setting to true at run-time doesn't affect its children
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