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  1. I want to call a procedure in Unugui application but from other delphi standalone application, is it possible ? Maybe it's impossible but just curious.
  2. Hi fcarvalho4, Thanks I mean to set mobile screen orientation manually. Its said in OS android to the screen orientation is setRequestedOrientation(ActivityInfo.SCREEN_ORIENTATION_LANDSCAPE); but I want to set the screen orientation via Unigui web application.
  3. Hi all, Is there a way to set the mobile screen orientation (potrait / lanscape) programmatically ?
  4. Thanks Farshad for your help Hello Abaksoft, Thanks
  5. Ok. Thanks Mr. Farshad. I have another question. Sometimes a procedure / function is to be called from another form but calling a procedure/function in another form always raise warning message warning : Form must be shown after is created : <formaname> then the form is shown. is it possible to call the procedure / function without showing the form ?
  6. I am using Firedac and the above code run in Adconnection Afterconnect event.
  7. Hi All, In MainModule call other procedure or set variable in other form like these : TMainForm(MainForm).Counter:= 1000; TMainForm(MainForm).InitVariable; // Call Procedure InitVariable raise error : An Exception has occured in application: Access violation at address 006AC43D in module 'Project1.exe'. Read of address 00000068
  8. Sorry for my english. This is my idea but I don't if it is applicable. the user-table have 2 fields : UserID, DateTime1 The client side for suppose every 1 minute update the DateTime1 according to the server computer system time. ( can we get the server side system date/time ? ) If the user attemps to re-log again, server will check the difference between sytem time and DateTime1, if the difference is more than 1 minutes than we can assume that the user session has crashed and is allowed to login in again.
  9. cmiiw: There's a problem in step 2, but I don't have the answer to solve the problem. Step 2 : James Crashs. At this time, we can't know wich users crashes. You are right ! But when james will attempt to re-log again, the problem is solved : The rule requires an insertion (without conditions) what if Rodriguez crashes not James and then James attempt to login to have another session?
  10. same problem and solved : I am using Delphi XE. 1. Uninstall FMSoft Unigui Beta. 2. Delete all UniGui File and SynEdit_D2011.bpl in folder C:\Users\Public\Documents\RAD Studio\8.0\ 3. Delete All UniGui File in C:\Users\Public\Documents\RAD Studio\8.0\Dcp And reinsntall Unigui
  11. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/1312-development-status/page-25
  12. Hi all, can VPS be setup like a web hosting, so unigui application can be access anywhere thru web browser just like we access a public website ? Thanks
  13. this forum is dedicated to posts in languages other than English.
  14. Problem solved. To solve the problem : Set property UseWinHTTP of component RtcHttpClient to True. Regards, Hendra
  15. Hi Peter, Yes, I want to use combination Unigui - RTC for handling DB stuff. and this simple test problem must be solved before I can go furher to handle DB with Unigui - RTC. I will inform you if the problem is solved. Best regards, Hendra
  16. Hi all, My unigui apps call a calculation function in a RealThinClient and return a calculation result. I am using Delphi XE. If Unugui app run in Web Mode, it cannot receive the calculation result sent from the RealThinClient server because the on return event of RtcResult is not fired. My application project : UniguiRealThinClient.rar How can I solve the problem and thanks in advance. Regards, Hendra
  17. Hi mmurgas, Thank you. This is very usefull and also I am looking for. Thanks TUniGUISession(ASessionList).UniApplication.RemoteAddress returns all of the user IPAddress who are ever login including users' IP Address already logged out. I need list of login users' IP Adddress and still running the application only exclude logged out users' IP Address. Regards, Hendra
  18. no need to close table at design time, this may solve the problem : Put the code in the dataset beforeopen event : procedure TMainForm.<table>BeforeOpen(DataSet: TDataSet); begin if <dataset.Connection> = Nil then <dataset.Connection>:= <connection>; end;
  19. Hi all, is there function that returns list of all users ip address that are login and running the application ? Thanks Hendra
  20. set the dataset connection property in onbeforeopen event can solve the problem code procedure TMainForm.qryTable1BeforeOpen(DataSet: TDataSet); begin if TADQuery(DataSet).Connection = Nil then TADQuery(Dataset).Connection:= UniMainModule.ADConnection1; end;
  21. Yes, thanks. actually it also occurs in desktop application. to solve this in desktop application, I manually change the create order of the data module - and set it to be the first form that gets created by the application. Auto-creat forms : Datamodule --> arrange the datamodule to be created first before mainform Mainform
  22. Hi, can your program show screenmask only after clicking the message dialogs box ? Thanks
  23. Hello all, Please help. I am using Anydac component (TAdConnection and TADquery) Unigui TADConnection is put in MainModule TADQuery and Tdatasource is put in MainForm. TADQuery is set active to True at design time. (cause exception error in webmode) the program works in VCL mode. But it raise an exception error if the program is run in WebMode. the problem is solved if TADQuery is set Active to False and set to true at runntime. But I prefer TADQuery is active at design time. How can I solve the problem ? Thanks Hendra
  24. cmiiw. UniApplication.RemoteAddress will return the client IP Address.
  25. Sorry Mr. Farshad Mohajeri. You have given me a solution but I misunderstood it. Problem solved. Thanks again code changed : var criticalSect: TRTLCriticalSection; isCalled: Boolean; // Global variable function TMainForm.UpdateData: Boolean; begin if isCalled then Exit(False); // exit cause this function is being called by other client EnterCriticalSection(criticalSect); try isCalled:= True; . <my code> <my code> . Exit(True); finally isCalled:= False; // set isCalled to False in order other client can call this function LeaveCriticalSection(criticalSect); end; end;
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