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  1. I want to call a procedure in Unugui application but from other delphi standalone application, is it possible ? Maybe it's impossible but just curious.
  2. Hi fcarvalho4, Thanks I mean to set mobile screen orientation manually. Its said in OS android to the screen orientation is setRequestedOrientation(ActivityInfo.SCREEN_ORIENTATION_LANDSCAPE); but I want to set the screen orientation via Unigui web application.
  3. Hi all, Is there a way to set the mobile screen orientation (potrait / lanscape) programmatically ?
  4. Thanks Farshad for your help Hello Abaksoft, Thanks
  5. Ok. Thanks Mr. Farshad. I have another question. Sometimes a procedure / function is to be called from another form but calling a procedure/function in another form always raise warning message warning : Form must be shown after is created : <formaname> then the form is shown. is it possible to call the procedure / function without showing the form ?
  6. I am using Firedac and the above code run in Adconnection Afterconnect event.
  7. Hi All, In MainModule call other procedure or set variable in other form like these : TMainForm(MainForm).Counter:= 1000; TMainForm(MainForm).InitVariable; // Call Procedure InitVariable raise error : An Exception has occured in application: Access violation at address 006AC43D in module 'Project1.exe'. Read of address 00000068
  8. Sorry for my english. This is my idea but I don't if it is applicable. the user-table have 2 fields : UserID, DateTime1 The client side for suppose every 1 minute update the DateTime1 according to the server computer system time. ( can we get the server side system date/time ? ) If the user attemps to re-log again, server will check the difference between sytem time and DateTime1, if the difference is more than 1 minutes than we can assume that the user session has crashed and is allowed to login in again.
  9. cmiiw: There's a problem in step 2, but I don't have the answer to solve the problem. Step 2 : James Crashs. At this time, we can't know wich users crashes. You are right ! But when james will attempt to re-log again, the problem is solved : The rule requires an insertion (without conditions) what if Rodriguez crashes not James and then James attempt to login to have another session?
  10. same problem and solved : I am using Delphi XE. 1. Uninstall FMSoft Unigui Beta. 2. Delete all UniGui File and SynEdit_D2011.bpl in folder C:\Users\Public\Documents\RAD Studio\8.0\ 3. Delete All UniGui File in C:\Users\Public\Documents\RAD Studio\8.0\Dcp And reinsntall Unigui
  11. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/1312-development-status/page-25
  12. Hi all, can VPS be setup like a web hosting, so unigui application can be access anywhere thru web browser just like we access a public website ? Thanks
  13. this forum is dedicated to posts in languages other than English.
  14. Problem solved. To solve the problem : Set property UseWinHTTP of component RtcHttpClient to True. Regards, Hendra
  15. Hi Peter, Yes, I want to use combination Unigui - RTC for handling DB stuff. and this simple test problem must be solved before I can go furher to handle DB with Unigui - RTC. I will inform you if the problem is solved. Best regards, Hendra
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