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  1. I use ISAPI with Apache Win Server 2019, no problem.
  2. Forget it, found it. Do it in UniFrameReady.
  3. yes it works! have you also managed to have the filter bar hidden when the uniDBGrid is shown for the first time?
  4. What I find most hard is to replicate all functionalities of cxGrid which I heavily used in my VCL applications
  5. Hi! In the attached sample project I have three tables: names: id,name roles:id,role namesroles: id,nameid,roleid,thename,therole (these are of type fkLookup) and three unidbgrids to CRUD the data everything is ok with the two lookups but one thing fails whatever I try to do: when I update/insert/delete an entry in names the corresponding dropdown in in the namesroles grid is not updated... any ideas? as you can see in TDataModule1.FDQuery1AfterPost I tried to open/close all involved DataSets, change indices (any many more things I deleted meanwhile) withou succes
  6. Pier


    I confirm that the dropdown is not refreshed when the data in the listsource is updated (or a new row is added)
  7. Pier

    uniDBGrid Summary

    It seems to me that once filtering is applied the associated dataset does not scroll correctly. Can you confirm? (the afterscroll event is fired but but the row has not changed)
  8. can you please post your final code?
  9. Can you please provide an example?
  10. If I use the method suggested by Sherzod, after applying the filter the grid does not update the dataset by issuing scroll events. Am I missing something?
  11. in the end I solved the problem with an anonymous callback procedure and thanks to closures I used the DataSet available in the BeforeDelete and BeforePost events (hope it doesn't leak, I will check)
  12. Thanks for the help but this is not what is needed in my case. I want a single function to handle all datasets not just one (like MyDataSet1 in your example). The problem is that the Sender is the MainForm and not the DataSet which called the MessageDlg which then invoked the callback...
  13. Any news concerning this issue? Should I open a bug report?
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