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  1. Google cloud com ubuntu e wine. super barato e funciona redondo.
  2. It was excellent, I'm sure it will be very useful to everyone. Best addon for unigui so far. thank you so much!
  3. I'm trying to add a function to heatmap, but I can only put them and do not pull them. Anybody have any suggestions? procedure TUniGMap.AddHeatMap(aHeatMap: array of THeatMap); var i: Integer; lat, lng: string; Script: string; begin Script := 'HeatMap = new google.maps.visualization.HeatmapLayer({' + 'radius: ' + StringReplace(Format('%2.2f', [aHeatMap[0].Radius]), ',', '.', [rfReplaceAll]) + ',' + 'data: getPoints(),' + 'map: @googleMap@' + '});' + 'function getPoints() {' + 'return ['; for i := 0 to Length(aHeatMap) -1 do if i <> Lengt
  4. da uma olhada na sessão de demos. la tem um exemplo funcional de como fazer isso.
  5. the purchase can be made in installments? sorry I'm using google translator.
  6. aqui uso graficos normalmente. usando delphi xe, unigui 0.95 e fastreport 4.
  7. Obrigado pela informação.
  8. é possivel comprar o unigui parcelado no cartão de credito?
  9. by credit card is possible to buy in installments?
  10. exatamente. só não use variaveis glogais no MainModule.
  11. do not forget to also copy the folder "uni-"
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