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  1. I have some problems with using Panel Layouts with ScrollBox. I have attached a demo where by pressing a button in area 1 a list of objects is generated in the uDocList panel. The idea is that the expand / collapse of the various panels the scrollbox moves eventually disappearing if the objects can stay in the video. How do I make the ScrollBox that contains the last panel of the page use the whole screen (fit). It has no layout property ... Thanks for your help. Demo.zip
  2. azago

    Get header Title of DBGrid

    How can i SET the title from specified column at runtime with js? I tried to use MyGrid.Columns[n].Title.Caption := 'New Title'; before to open dataset but non working .... Delphi Rio uniGUI version
  3. azago

    PDF Viewer

    Reinstalled Run-time Ok Thank's
  4. azago

    unigui dbgrid selected row

    ---------------Rileva linguaAfrikaansAlbaneseAmaricoAraboArmenoAzerbaigianoBascoBengaleseBielorussoBirmanoBosniacoBulgaroCatalanoCebuanoCecoCinese (semplificato)Cinese (tradizionale)CoreanoCorsoCroatoCurdoDaneseEbraicoEsperantoEstoneFilippinoFinlandeseFranceseFrisone occidentaleGaelico scozzeseGalizianoGalleseGeorgianoGiapponeseGiavaneseGrecoGujaratiHaitianoHausaHawaianoHindiHmongIgboIndonesianoIngleseIrlandeseIslandeseItalianoKannadaKazakoKhmerKirghisoLaoLatinoLettoneLituanoLussemburgheseMacedoneMalayalamMaleseMalgascioMalteseMaoriMarathiMongoloNepaleseNorvegeseNyanjaOlandesePashtoPersianoPolaccoPortoghesePunjabiRumenoRussoSamoanoSerboShonaSindhiSingaleseSlovaccoSlovenoSomaloSotho del sudSpagnoloSundaneseSvedeseSwahiliTagicoTamilTedescoTeluguThaiTurcoUcrainoUnghereseUrduUzbecoVietnamitaXhosaYiddishYorubaZuluItaliano I need on a single grid (not on all project grids) not to show the background colors of the selected row I Use Delphi Rio Unigui v1.90.0.1498 Theme uni_sencha I have also modified the values of beforeinit in the grid function beforeInit(sender, config) { sender.disableSelection = true; } I tried to execute the commands OnCreate MyGrid.JSInterface.JSCallGlobal('Ext.util.CSS.createStyleSheet', ['#'+ MyGrid.JSName + '_id .x-grid-row-selected .x-grid-cell-inner { background-color:white; color: black;}', MyGrid.JSName + '_css' ]); On Destroy MyGrid.JSInterface.JSCallGlobal('Ext.util.CSS.removeStyleSheet', [ MyGrid.JSName+'_css' ]); but the result is that the first cell is always with a colored background. How can I do ?
  5. azago

    PDF Viewer

    I installed version 1498 on my first server. 1 - I installed run time 2 - I installed additional themes first I'm trying the application in standalone mode when I get to a pdf I get the error "file viewer.hmtl not found" in the development environment the pdf is displayed correctly do I have to insert some particular pointers in production to view the pdf (I use the pdf.js supplied with the runtime)?
  6. azago

    UniDbGrid readonly CheckBoxes very pale

    I'm using Delphi 10.3 Rio Unigui I put in ServerModule -> CustomCCSS the following code .x-item-disabled .x-grid-checkcolumn { opacity: 1; } If I configure the table as readonly (UniDBGrid ReadOnly) ichecklists are grayed
  7. azago

    Layou Form

    I looked at the examples and saw that the possibility of defining the form with bordered panel using for example 3 areas is important 1 north 2 west 3 center (data area) of the screen. But then if I want another 2 panels in the center area (in area 3 - data area) 4 an absolute top 5 a absolute client I have problems because above all the client never takes up the whole screen (the panel 5 not cover the area) Moreover if in the area 4 I load a frame this does not cover the whole area but performs a top left. But if I have defined a form as a border how can I give an orientation to the additional panels inside the central area ??
  8. azago

    Bootstrap buttons

    add files/bootstrap.min.css in ServerModule->CustomFiles UniButton -> ClientEvents -> UniEvents function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.baseCls="btn"; config.cls="btn-danger"; } to draw a glyphicon UniButton -> IconCls insert (for example) glyphicon glyphicon-duplicate in work fine
  9. UniserevrModule CustomCSS I have to change more properties of the title of a TUniPanel how can I write Config to use then in the beforeInit as Config.cls? .ColorTitle .x-panel-header-default { background-image: none; background-color: #FFFFFF; - title-default { background-image: none; background-color: #FFFFFF; color : #0080FF; font-size: 18px; } } Thanks