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  1. azago

    How To Determine If Calendar Dropped Down Or Closed?

    Frederick, insert the call in UniFormShow not in UniFormCreate procedure TMainForm.UniFormShow(Sender: TObject); begin with UniDateTimePicker1, JSInterface do begin JSAddListener('collapse', JSFunction('', 'ajaxRequest('#1', "collapse");')); JSAddListener('expand', JSFunction('', 'ajaxRequest('#1', "expand");')); end; end; and using OnAjaxEvent to read message if EventName ='...' then begin ... := Params.Values['...']; end It works Angelo
  2. azago

    Alignment in UnicontainerPanle hbox left

    Thanks It works!
  3. azago

    Alignment in UnicontainerPanle hbox left

    Without Pack with Pack = End but the two button gone! Attached sample Thanks Angelo __Request.zip
  4. I've created a top panel with 2 unicontainerpanel type hbox at run.time how do I align the images and buttons of the containerpanel to the right so that they start from the bottom of the screen (aligned on the right)? I tried in the containerpanel on the right to use the property pack end but I can't see the images anymore
  5. azago

    JS Code To Set Focus To TUniDBGrid Fails

    Trie FDbGrid.JSInterface.JSCall('focus', []); Angelo
  6. azago

    Database Connection

  7. azago

    Problems paste clipboard Client

    Pay attention that it is not the same thing to use a browser in the same development window that you access from another PC. I use a virtual machine in the development environment and all the tests I always do by accessing from the external machine via ipaddress of the virtual machine and not through This is to tell you that the clipboard function only works on the same physical machine so when it goes into production it doesn't work.
  8. azago

    Problems paste clipboard Client

    i've used procedure TfRicercaPratica.UniFrameCreate(Sender: TObject); begin with bPaste, JSInterface do begin JSCode('async function uniPaste(input) { '+ ' const text = await navigator.clipboard.readText(); '+ ' input.setValue(text); '+ ' };'); JSAddListener('click', JSFunction('sender', UniEdit1.JSName + '.SetValue(navigator.clipboard.readText()); ')); end; end; in the sample UniEdit1 is the object for paste information When using is mandatiory to press in UniEdit1 key CTRL -V for paste data
  9. I've change color selected row using .x-grid-item-selected .x-grid-cell-inner in my CSS when I select a row from the table the row-numbered is white (theme uni_sencha) I need to change the color of the row-number from CSS Thanks
  10. in UniCombox i have insert ClientEvents -> UniEvents -> function beforeInit: function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.inputCls = 'mycss'; } in CSS -> ServerModule->CustomCSS: .mycss { color:#91b4cd !important; -webkit-text-fill-color:#91b4cd !important; font: 14px Tahoma, Helvetica, sans-serif !important; font-weight:bold; } the family font for text UniComboBox change, but how can I change the font of the combobox items? Thanks
  11. azago

    Hiding buttoms in UniguiPDFFrame

    procedure TfDataEntry.unpdfrmDocLoaded(Sender: TObject); begin if unpdfrmDoc.PDFURL > '' then begin // download button UniSession.AddJS (unpdfrmDoc.JSName + '.iframe.contentWindow.document.' + 'getElementById ("download").style.display = "none"'); UniSession.AddJS (unpdfrmDoc.JSName + '.iframe.contentWindow.document.' + 'getElementById ("secondaryDownload").style.display = "none"'); end; end;
  12. azago

    Problem with jquery and knob

    I tried using a simple page with jquery and knobs in a uniHTMLFrame if I launch the html file from windows I see the following layout if i load it in the uniHTMLFrame with the command UniHTMLFrameDashboard.HTML.LoadFromFile('index2.html'); I get that in servermodule.customfiles I entered dist / jquery.knob.min.js dist / jquery.min.js in the log I have no problem Project1.exe: 00000FF8: 19:00:31 []:> ----------------------------------- --------------------------- < Project1.exe: 00000FF8: 19:00:31 [TUniServerModule]: Server First Init. Project1.exe: 00000FF8: 19:00:31 [TUniServerModule]: Debug Mode = ON Project1.exe: 00000FF8: 19:00:31 [TUniServerModule]: Global Cache Folder Erased. <1> Files deleted. Project1.exe: 00000FF8: 19:00:31 [TUniServerModule]: Starting HTTP Server on Port: 8077 ... Project1.exe: 00000FF8: 19:00:31 [TUniServerModule]: HTTP Server Started on Port: 8077 I attach the project sample Tanks Angelo KnobSample.zip
  13. azago

    Get PDF PageNumber using JS

    Thanks Sherzod, the code works well !! Now I have tried to execute a command to go to a page of the pdf through code js using this command (take from https://stackoverflow.com/questions/31615248/pdf-js-changing-current-page-number-programmatically) MainForm.pdfFrame.JSInterface.JSCode('if ('#1'.iframe&&'#1'.iframe.contentDocument.getElementById("docIframe")){'#1'.iframe.contentDocument.getElementById("docIframe").contentWindow.PDFViewerApplication.page=' + Uniedit1.Text +' };'); but not work (I'm a little poor in java). any ideas on how to do it? Thanks as always Angelo
  14. azago

    Get PDF PageNumber using JS

    Is it possible to press UniButton to know the current page of the pdf displayed in a UniPDFFrame using JS ? in the viewer.js i see key: 'page', get: function get() { return this.pdfViewer.currentPageNumber; }, set: function set(value) { this.pdfViewer.currentPageNumber = value; } or in internet i found iFrame.contentDocument.getElementById('pageNumber').value but I can't use it in a call js Thanks Angelo