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  1. Hi Hayri! But there is Maximization effect in this mode too all objects shows at its normal state first, then maximized and aligned! I want to user not see this period and at onshow its aligned correctly and fitted to browser screen... Thanks and Regards!
  2. Dear Farshad! I Think All Users activities about UniGUI Will Makes The Forum as Rich Database and Good Encyclopedia for future... Regards
  3. Dear Delphi Developer! I am await for css example How to doing that... Regards
  4. Hi forum! how to makes MainForm Maximized at the creation time I want it opens fitted to screen width at the first time and not showing and do maximization event Thanks and Regards
  5. thanks for your fast response would you mind show me how to do that by CSS? Thanks again...
  6. Hi Dear DelphiDeveloper! What do you mean about "in runtime (not in MainForm.onCreate)" Please explain more... I want to set UniTabSheet active page title font to bold and Red and the other pages remains normal Regards
  7. Hi Delphi Developer! How About to change row color of uniDBGrid? Regards
  8. OK! I resolved it with set in Costum CSS: background: #fafafa url(files/image.png) center top repeat; its Work for me under iis! there is some other sample for use: body .site { background-color: #fafafa; } Alternately, you could add a background pattern to it should you desire: body .site { background: #fafafa url(http://yourdomain.com/path/to/your/image.png) center top repeat; } And finally, you could implement a fullscreen image if needed: body .site { background: #fafafa url(http://yourdomain.com/path/to/your/image.jpg) center center no-repeat; -webkit-background-s
  9. Hi Dear Delphi Developer! I set with: UniSession.AddJS('document.body.style.background = ''url("/files/bg.jpg") repeat scroll 0% 0%'''); But Why BackGround Image for login form shows in Standalone Mode and not Shown in isapi mode under iis? If I can add js file to the server before runing UniGui please tel me script Format for that? Regards
  10. Hi Dear Delphi Developer! in web browsers in RTL mode I cant set UniGUI to show Persian Style Number and it shows every time in english digits I want to set UniGUI to show Numbers in Persian CodePage in all Uni Componenrs Such as DBGrids... in javascript and jquery it is possible to do as shown in majori reply for example = ['۰', '١', '٢', '٣', '٤', '٥', '٦', '٧', '٨', '٩']; Regard and Have Fun
  11. Thanks For You Reply But How can use it with unigui Please let me know about solution Regards
  12. Hi Forum! How to set UniGUI Controls to Showing Numbers in Persian Or Arabic Style Not in English Format in the Browser? there are jquery and javascript ways for Config Html to show Arabic Style Numbers But I dont know How it is in UniGUI Thanks and Regards
  13. I Love Delphi!

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