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  1. I'm interresting, do you have a example for this popup menu?
  2. Any news about this? I have the same problem! Thanks
  3. hph

    TUniNativeImageList AddIconsCls

    Hi GerhardV Many thanks for your detailed suggestion! It works bretty, but it's not what I was looking for. I need my own font-icon library, because I can easly create it with the icon8 library. It works very well for each component like UniSpeedbutton, UniLabel etc. (html text), but the only thing I'm missing is to use this custom css library with the TUniNativeImageList component! thanks and best regards
  4. Hi zemorango A question, how did you implement that menu-popup?:
  5. You can try this: CustomCSS: .custom-grid .x-grid-item-focused .x-grid-cell-inner:before { border: none !important; } ... and UniEvents: function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.cls = 'custom-grid'; }
  6. I need my own font fcons set from Icons8. How can I load this icons into a TUniNativeImageList. AddIconCls('icons8-delete', uicoFontAwesome); <-- uicoFontAwesome is wrong, i need uicoFontIcon8 or any else... Is this component only compatible for Pictos or FontAwesome or is there any workaround?
  7. hph

    ExtEvent validitychange

    Hi Sherzod It works perfectly. Do you know, will this be implemented in future version? Many thank you for your allways great support!
  8. hph

    ExtEvent validitychange

    Hi uniDBEdit, uniDBMemo, uniDBComboBox, uniDBLookupComboBox...
  9. hph

    ExtEvent validitychange

    Hi I'm missing this ClientEvents.ExtEvents in UniGUI function validitychange(sender, isValid, eOpts) When will this be implemented or exist a workaround for it? Thanks
  10. hph

    Top Border UniRadioGroup

    Ah ok, very interresting. Now it works :-) Thank you very much
  11. hph

    Top Border UniRadioGroup

    Hi Sherzod with triton
  12. hph

    Top Border UniRadioGroup

    Hi How can I hide also the top border for the UniRadioGroup: This code has not the exepted effect: function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.style = "border: none;"; }
  13. hph

    Sortable Panels in a Dashboard

    Any idea about this?
  14. You have to copy the \css folder to your exe folder (for ex. \Win32\Debug\)
  15. hph

    UniCanvas moving entities

    Hi Wicket Meaby this great tool can help you: http://fabricjs.com/