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bi-directional communication between server-client

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Hello developers)


May be somebody has experience how to implement bi-directional communications between client and server to achieve real time data updates on client?

It available a lot of libraries for different platforms that provide some hack of HTTP (because it one way communication) - Comet, reverse ajax, long polling.

WebSocket is most modern technic that probably provide real asynchronous communication.

And even some components end examples available for delphi:






My question is how to implement it with UniGui? What is the most simple way?


Additional info:


We use middleware DataSnap server . Communication with ISAPI via TwebConnection transport.

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So in summary, is it possible to combine WebSockets and uniGUI? I believe this question remains unanswered, and I cannot find any comment on this in the forum. Farshad? Anyone?

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