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  1. With this technique above, you end up with your "own" Google maps, in theory. That is not how google maps works. But see, if you open the link in a new browser tab, voilá ! This is done to not allow embedding a paid service code in your domain, app whatever. That is security measure to prevent this. Use the component with your APIkey or migrate to a full googlemaps api project. No other ways about it ! But with an APIKey you have to pay for use by google service standards.
  2. Another big application and I will be soon making new releases is at the possibilities for creating scripts and bots, new whatsapp apps, telegram interactions and service bots. Since is very easy to make strings and macro manipulations , you could make many text interactions for manipulation on-the-fly. No need for tedious task and problems handling SQL queries, macro substitution with pascal functions etc... all in one go. Well, if you don't see how important this is, you´re missing the point with web development, pascal, interface components and uniGUI in general: it's all about string manipulation.
  3. Works with VCL or uniGUI... examples in both frameworks. Imagine that you can take any dashboard template (there are hundreds on any site) that you've always wanted to use but don't have much advantage because its "controls" don't connect to your DB. Or you will have to take a course to learn how to use all the details in alignment and CSS code, with this material you continue to use all the advantages of creating an app in uniGUI(Delphi code speed, session management, stateful etc) but now, don't have to worry about getting stuck in a uniHTMLFrame/URLFrame and customizing a lot of things so you don't even have a basic controls handling at the end. With CodeInjector you have the best of both worlds. There is a similar control in Intraweb but far from being pratical and really functional and all Intraweb programmers use it to make more "responsive-ish" and end up with a lot of "snakes" on their hands.
  4. This lib never work ok with uniGUI... New stuff will me possible with CodeInjector since it won't need a uniGUI Control and works directly with html, see recent posts from me.
  5. Coming soon... CodeInjector package: Allows code injection into your application and with macro substitution before injection. Easy to use and allows you to make your work easier with extra code that needs to be changed before being used in components or more complex operations such as SQL statements, JavaScript Functions, Text Templates, HTML Code, CSS and anything else that can be treated as AnsiString text /UTF8 by Delphi. With this package you can easily adapt any HTML template or JavaScript code for direct injection into your section of a uniGUI program, enabling it to bypass the dependency on native uniGUI components and/or improve their use. TciMacroStrInjector: The persistent type of repository for a text with text replacement macro. The string you store here is archived in your program and can be expanded (have macro-replaced performed) at any time. The expansion does not change the original string and is done by the ExpandMacros method that returns a new string after the appropriate replacement. In this format, because it is not possible to change the original text as it is stored as a resource in your program, it is very useful for SQL Code, JavaScript functions (eg use in uniGUI and Intraweb), customizing message texts, scripts for chats etc. TciDBMacroStrInjector: Same as TciMacroStrInjector but with datasource support. This way you can easily enable any html "component" from other frameworks to link to a table and display updated data or during navigation or query return in a simple and uncomplicated way in your code. TciMUltiStrInjector: The persistent type of repository that allows storage together with your program but with divisions by sections that can be ordered by name. Very useful for application of SQL code, JavaScript. HTML and inject it into your application as in conjunction with the previous MACRO components but with more data handling power. You can easily integrate responsive admin templates into your database and present real-time updated data. TciFileStrInjector: Allows loading of a local file and its immediate replacement macro. It retains the string in the component allowing it to be saved, encrypted or not, in the DFM and allows combining macros and preferably in a new version. Returns the expanded file for injection. Imagine you can take a page, customize it with the replacement macro, and pass it to a uniHTMLFrame or uniURLFrame and respond to AJAX events through them. TciWebStrInjector: Allows the GET of a URL/File page and its replacement macro. Returns the manipulated file for injection. Ideal to integrate your system with real-time feedback API such as weather forecast, quotes, REST API consumption, page manipulation from other sources, etc. directly from a url. You can use one component in conjunction with another for example ciMultiStrInjector and ciMacroStrInjector. Thus, it has a greater ability to handle large amounts of data that can be macro-replaced, exported or imported into your program. Finishing the demos and docs... this is the kind of component that really is missing in uniGUI and you can use anything available in the web to integrate and beautify your programs like you never did before. New demo videos and demo examples available in 24 hs... Thanks... Fred Montier This example above uses BootsStrap panels with responsive layout but the numbers you see changing are provided by ciMacroStrInjector with random values triggered by a timer that updates macro tags in the HTML text. In this manner you could update anything via DB (datasource) or external URL and convert any html code to live binding content. It's easy and you could use any other framework besides the native uniGUI components achieving great results to the UI experience ! Best of all, toke me just 2 minutes to convert this old project... More to come...
  6. Meanwhile something is lurking from the shadows... https://tauri.studio/ Interesting solution...
  7. On this very problem. In fact Apple is not very akin to PWA. It breaks their milky cow, their freaking app store ! See below some info and maybe a solution... https://br-atsit-in.translate.goog/archives/13371?_x_tr_sl=pt&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp
  8. and sorry , no training video yet. Soon... we will be available.
  9. I misread your message. UniGUI Printer Server is already available for Pre-release (Release I) users participants. If you participated in the pre-release promotion, confirm if you did not received the e-mails. In few days we have a Release II of the uniGUI Printer Server Professional and the Cetera Print Server (may work with uniGUI but does not need it to run). There will be more version and solution to print in uniGUI. Lite version is available at the link below. https://www.unigui.com.br/uniGUIPRINTERServer-Lite-eng.html
  10. More info https://www.unigui.com.br/uniGUIPRINTERServer-Lite-eng.html See download link in webpage above.
  11. More few days and the light version will be available as a trial version. Other versions will be also available in the next months.
  12. Light version is a strip-down version without the realm management and multi printers support and "requeue". Easy to use , and you can place in any environment. More detail, tomorrow. All "pre-release" users will receive this version for free. Just be patient because writing manual is really time consuming. C' you soon.
  13. Sending to pre-release users today. Tomorrow make a new post with more details and a trial version.
  14. Keep in mind that PWA is not in the best interest of Apple ecosystem. There are some post in the web showing some trick for PWA in iPHONE. Hence, google have two alternative for the future of webapps. Not even mentioning webassembly. I have no info in deep about it. My last research on iPHONE / iOS subject was a "little" broken, to say the least.
  15. Really thanks... I have done a Lot of research on this subject. And as Far as I can see, nailed in all aspects. But I think a solid solution should come from unigui team and/or Embarcadero because we are something like 5 years behind. I Just cant ser How to keep update when delphi-unigui users are still amazed by bootstrap buttons and labels and layout issues or responsivity at devices ui/ux.
  16. and borderstyle = bsNone You can remover this line too. and that's the best you will get with such approach.
  17. Result... bigger the px number, bigger the curve. But you will notice some slight background shadow. You can solve with more css but it won't work in all scenarios. Better a transparent form and then place a image over.
  18. 1- Add to CSS Customs ServerModule .rounded { border-radius: 10px; } See below: } 2- LayOut set CLS to "rounded" class. Without the "", of course. This is not the best option and I really have abandoned. A prefer to make the whole form transparent and place a background image since this option won't work in all themes. See result below:
  19. Yes. After 05/2022 I will release a trial version with examples and video. Next week, I will be at support and be very busy with the users that bought in the promotion period. And they are my priority since it might have some bugs and I need to be available for solve it right the way.
  20. ok... but I can do it in just a few days because I already have a very similar project. You just have to say what specs you need.
  21. I'm aware of this solution. Good for big corps and a "tight and strong" IT team with a good in-house support. Not good for freelancers and app with clients across a country like Brazil. And the catch 22 is a big number of our clients don't even know that they can only use 5-10 ports for incoming connection and just for 80,21, 53, 487... 433 just the basics. Then when you say to this very client that his internet connection need reconfiguration at the provider support, pay for this services, he replies:" Hey, I a get netflix, youtube... with no problem. Whats I wrong with your uniGUIWhatEver solution ? So, you need to know your "pet monster". The same problem we had with Intraweb for decades.
  22. 1- You cannot start any files transaction/operation from browser client to uniGUI server without the browser interface. In all cases, you might use socket or API (Rest) to do the job. In this particular case (Brazilian market and POS solutions), I used a rest API solution we made in-house for his work and we used in some clients since 2019 to uniGUI and VCL. The problem here in Brazil is because we have a lot of clients with incoming connection blocked by the network provider and any other solution won't work. So, we always need a printer server installed in the client's network top start the transaction. Otherwise, it just won't connect in all real world situations possible. You cant create a jobs and fire the remote printer in other subnet. Simple as that ! So this solution solves the "Brazilian" problem and any other problem. Hence is way more complicated than the Python solutions available or any JS/JAVA library. There are some, but always subscription and more expensive that this one I made. 2- Can be done with Rest API and uniGUI Service. I've made one to integrate digital fingerprint readers and send fingerprint template to an uniGUI Server. Same principle. I bought a Epson thermal IP printer, a usb only thermal printer (cheap for receipts, stubs, tickets etc), a BT only printer and already had a Epson 365L Inkjet printer. I recently bought a Sunni 2.0 POS to expand this same project. Then, with cellphone you could print in a single POS terminal without print server. OF course, I will create a FMX program to this POS. But this is for a future roadmap. Since you can map on Parallels printer to a LPT port via CMD, I did not bought a old LPT Matrix Printer Only to test it. They are way to expensive. And there is a LIB here in Brasil to work with just this kind of printer. So, this is the only gap I did not cover since there will be no demand for it. 3- Get in touch because I could make one project for you. A have 3 different scanner here. New and old models. Send me the specification that I will return the
  23. The UPS is the server that must be installed in your network to server the print jobs. It has a installer. At the uniGUI server, you need to run the UPM that is just an uniGUI Service that keep all in sync. See all details here https://www.unigui.com.br/uniGUIPRINTERServer-eng.html
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