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  1. Hi, How to select a range in the uniDBGrid? e.g. 1、SelectRange(row1, col1, row2, col2 ) 2、Or select the range by mouse-dragging. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I config a icon in the css, for example: .di-add {background-image: url(/dlzIcons/add.png);} How can I use the icon for the uniButton? Set the iconCls property of the UniButton with "di-add", the result is "pictos pictos-add". Thanks!
  3. lxpbuaa

    How to change the default fontsize of classic theme?

    Thanks very much! Yes, I has purchased your theme pack.
  4. lxpbuaa

    How to change the default fontsize of classic theme?

    Hi Sherzod, .x-panel-body-default only effects label, and .x-form-text-default only effects edit, combox ect. Others such as menu, button, grid, treeview, pagecontrol, panel.title, form.caption, don't change their fontsize. I set *{font-size:12px} , it can effects many components, but not contains button, grid.pagebar, panle.title, tabsheet.title ect. How to change default fontsize with all components? Or, how to get their css style classnames, so I can set these css classes one by one . Thanks! (uni-
  5. Hi, The default fontsize of classic theme is 11px. In IE 9, the font is smaller, and Chrome is normal. How can I change the default fontsize of classic theme from 11px to 12px。 On 12px, IE and Chrome text is same size. I replace all 11px to 12px in uni-xtheme-uni_classic.css、ext-theme-uni_classic-all_1.css、ext-theme-uni_classic-all_2.css、ext-theme-uni_classic-all-rtl_1.css、ext-theme-uni_classic-all-rtl_2.css(unipackages-6.5.3) and uni-xtheme-classic.css(uni-, but nothing changed.
  6. Hi, I need to set a uniDBGrid as the picker of a uniComboBox. procedure TUniComboBoxEx.WebCreate; begin inherited; JSInterface.JSConfig('picker', [GridJSControl]); end; The page raise the error "d.setSelectionModel is not a function". What should I do? Thanks!
  7. lxpbuaa

    DBLookup preview...

    That's what I want!
  8. lxpbuaa

    About monthpicker

    HI, I need a monthpicker, can I modify the uniDateTimePicker to achieve this demand? Or use the ExtJS component monthpicker, but, how can I insert the component into uniGUI application? Ext.create({ xtype: 'monthpicker', renderTo: document.body, value: new Date(), onSelect: function() { Ext.Msg.alert('Selected', this.getValue()); }, listeners: { okclick: 'onSelect', monthdblclick: 'onSelect', yeardblclick: 'onSelect', cancelclick: function () { this.setValue(new Date()); } } });
  9. lxpbuaa

    UniComboBox.ItemIndex always equals 0

    I asked myself: FComboPageSize.Parent must be set, otherwise ItemIndex not updated.
  10. lxpbuaa

    Two problems about uniDateTimePicker

    I asked myself: 1. FireDAC deals all date/time field as SQLTimeStamp field, and uniDateTimePicker ignores the prolem. To solve this prolem as: FConnection.FormatOptions.OwnMapRules := True; with FConnection.FormatOptions.MapRules.Add do begin SourceDataType := dtDateTimeStamp; TargetDataType := dtDateTime; end; 2. Another prolem, uniDateTimePicker raises "xxxx-xx-xx" is not valid date time. uniDBGrid.pas has codes as below: SetFldValue…… D := StrToDateTime(AVal, FmtSettings); --FmtSettings is a new global var in uniGUIApplication, why don't use SysUtils.FormatSettings? Change values of FmtSettings and the prolem solved.
  11. Hi, I uses a uniDateTimePicker to edit a datetime column of a DBGrid. The field type is TSQLTimeStampField. There are 2 problems: 1. When enter the editor and leave it, the date (e.g "2018-01-11") always changes to a GMT datetime text. 2. Atfer change the date value, the error "Could not parse SQL TimeStamp string" raises. Thanks!
  12. Hi, I create a combobox at runtime, and insert into DBGird.pagingBar: FComboPageSize := TUniComboBox.Create(Self.Owner); FComboPageSize.Items.Add('每页25条'); FComboPageSize.Items.Add('每页50条'); FComboPageSize.Items.Add('每页100条'); FComboPageSize.Items.Add('每页200条'); FComboPageSize.Style := csDropDownList; FComboPageSize.ItemIndex := 0; FComboPageSize.OnChange := DoCombPageSizeChange; procedure TdlzUniDBGrid.DoOnAfterLoad; begin if WebOptions.Paged then JSInterface.JSCall('pagingBar.insert', [1, FComboPageSize.JSControl]); inherited; end; FComboPageSize.ItemIndex always equals 0, why, thanks! procedure TdlzUniDBGrid.DoCombPageSizeChange(Sender: TObject); begin if WebOptions.Paged then WebOptions.PageSize := Round(25 * Power(2, FComboPageSize.ItemIndex)); end;
  13. Hi, I create a TUniCustomContainerPanel at runtime, when it's owner is not a uniform , then panel.BeforeLoadCompleted will not raises? Thanks!