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  1. CoderU


    Посмотрите демо логинформ
  2. CoderU


    Вам лучше надо не MainForm а MainModule
  3. CoderU

    Push Message

    I need sample with websocket not pooling.. I don't know how use it with unigui
  4. CoderU

    Push Message

    can you sample source please how use? I want use with firebird event
  5. STAS можете пример сделать как работать с WebSocket ом именно компонент sgcWebSocket мне надо событие отловить event firebird и предать через websoket
  6. CoderU

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    zemorango Why using json? And how connect dataset to json file? Can you simple source or link where i read
  7. CoderU

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Nice job.. Really cool interface
  8. CoderU

    Update to UniGUI Add-on Theme Pack 1

    GerhardV Are you planinig make for sencha 6.6?
  9. Hi, mr Farshad this news will be affect in the future decrease license amount Unigui? https://www.sencha.com/products/extjs/communityedition/ Who Chooses Ext JS Community Edition? Individual JavaScript developers, hobbyists, and students who are learning new programming languages, starting to develop cross-platform web apps, maintaining open source JavaScript projects, or learning the Ext JS framework, who are making less than $10,000 in revenue and want to get started with most comprehensive JavaScript framework. It’s also perfect for early stage startups who are bootstrapping their product vision before securing capital! Develop your professional app with the Community Edition, knowing that you can skip the learning curve your competition faces when building for multiple platforms.
  10. CoderU

    Good Example Responsive

    Hi Unigui when support like feature from box? https://www.sencha.com/blog/still-on-ext-js-4-x-learn-how-to-build-universal-applications-using-ext-js-6-6-with-open-tooling/ If support i will buy only Pro version not complete
  11. Hi,

    How can i buy your themepack?

    Can I pay by VISA?

  12. CoderU

    TMS Scripter

    Cool Can you share simpe source how work with admin lt templates?
  13. CoderU

    DBGrid DrawRow

    procedure TfrmEdtRetSale.undbgrdPayDrawColumnCell(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow: Integer; Column: TUniDBGridColumn; Attribs: TUniCellAttribs); begin if qryPaymentsVISIBLE.Value=0 then begin Attribs.Font.Style:=[fsStrikeOut]; Attribs.Color:=clRed; end; end;
  14. CoderU

    mobile or responsive app

  15. CoderU

    Extjs 6.6 new Features

    Thank you I have one question will be work from box component dataview from sencha 6.6 ? http://examples.sencha.com/extjs/6.6.0/examples/classic/view/animated-dataview.html