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    Using TLS 1.3

    Hi, it works!, Thank you. Best regards
  2. bbm

    Using TLS 1.3

    Thank you very much, I will try. Best regards
  3. bbm

    Using TLS 1.3

    Hello, everyone, is there a way to use TLS 1.3 for SSL? At the moment I was only able to activate TLS 1.2, for which the two files ssleay32.dll and libeayssl.dll in version 1.0.2.x are used. Unfortunately, these have been discontinued for some time. Is there an alternative solution for this? This will certainly be criticized during security checks. Many greetings
  4. Hallo Nevertheless many thanks!
  5. Hi, I want to use a PDF component (PDFToolKit) to fill out the FormFields of a PDF document and then render them. The PDF component is able to write the filled document into a stream so that it does not have to be saved. The question now arises as to how the document can possibly be displayed by the stream in the browser. If it's too time-consuming, I just go the usual way and save the filled document in the user cache directory. Best regrads
  6. Hi, is it possible to show a PDF, which is loaded from a stream und not by URL? Best regards
  7. Hi Sherzod, thank you very much for your support ­čĹŹ! Best regards
  8. Hi, I didn't find any. It sounds to me like there is no easy solution. I'll try to find a workaround myself. Thanks! Best regards
  9. Hi all, I am using Delphi 10.2 and unuGUI version I have activated the RowWidget in a DBGrid Is it possible to close an opened row widget by opening another one. Best regards
  10. Hi, What do you mean by that?
  11. Hi, Is there a chance that a newer version can be used in the short term? I got the following information from our customer: This could mean a problem for the use of our software Best regards
  12. Hi, Many thanks for the quick response. I'll test it right away. Is there a special function I can use to test if I solved everything correctly? Best regards
  13. Hi, The file jquery-1.11.2.min.js is available in version A customer asked me whether this file could be replaced by a more recent version. Best regards
  14. Hi, thank you. Good idea­čÖé Best regards
  15. Hi, is there any way to get Toolbuttons on a uniPageControl? Best regards
  16. Hi, sorry for my late answer. I think I found a solution. Thanky for your answer! Best regards
  17. Hi, I think I found it! Thank you
  18. Hi, I have another question. How can I get the cachefolder of the current session (including sessionid)? Best regards
  19. Hi how can I prevent such a cachefolder? E:\Programme\CenAdCo\cache\blegiserv_app_exe\sBBMwNrevS109DD2811 I want to have the cachefolder without the name of the aaplication like this E:\Programme\CenAdCo\cache\sBBMwNrevS109DD2811 Best regards
  20. Hi Sherzod, do you need more input or more information? Best regards
  21. Hi, In the sample project, the frame from which the callback event comes is created as HTML text. In this HTML text, placeholders are replaced by call information. <form name="input" action="{URL_CALLBACK}" method="POST"> <a href="{CANCEL_URL}"> In my application, the page of another application should be displayed in the frame. For this, the URL property of the frame is used to refer to the other application. The other application was also developed by me (also uniGUI). How can I trigger the event (mycallback) of this application, just like from the HTML page? Sc:=UniSession.CallbackUrlEx('mycallback', Self, ['RES', 'OK']); S:=StringReplace(S, '{URL_CALLBACK}', Sc, []); Sc:=UniSession.CallbackUrlEx('mycallback', Self, ['RES', 'CANCEL']); S:=StringReplace(S, '{CANCEL_URL}', Sc, []); I want to trigger the event by clicking a button in the second application Best regards
  22. Hi I'm currently testing the demo "HTTP Post Callback - URLFrame - Auto Target". I would like to test the callback function in my application. Instead of displaying an HTML page in the uniURLFrame, I would like to display a page from a second server (also my own uniGUI application) via uniURLFrame.URL. A callback event should then be triggered back in the page of the other server displayed in the frame, which is then sent to the window of the uniURLFrame. How can I trigger the callback event? Many greetings
  23. Hi, No, the canvas is designed and not created at runtime. Best regards
  24. Hi Sherzod, thank you for your answer, but I think this ist not the correct way. The result is as follows: O23=new Ext.form.Canvas({id:"O23_id",ajxS:AjaxSuccess,ajxF:AjaxFailure,id:"Canvas_Sig_ID",fieldSubTpl:..... Best regards
  25. Hi, is it possible to give a uniCanvas a self-determined JSID and a JSName? I need the same for the main window. Best regards
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