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  1. Hello Using unimFScamera, how to select back camera? In UnimFSQrCodeScanner1 ther are the StartCameraBack method. And how get full resolution photo? The image captured has the object resolution, not the camera resolution. If preview size is 600x300, I'm getting 600x300 pixel photo, not 2MP or 4MP (or more) native camera resolution. Thx
  2. 1. Add a propertiy to get and set extended/double value: Example: ... c : TUniNumberEdit; ... c.Value := 32/7; ... Setting and getting values trough .Text property require always conversion (and regional problems). 2. Accept the dot (.) key as decimal separator. The dot key is near a numeric keypad, the comma is far. Note: I tried capture keydown or keypress event to change the dot to comma and no luck. Thanks
  3. I think is already requested, may be past year, in old forum system. In TUniDBGrid, add a property to automatic append record (after the last record; if UniDBGrid is paged then must go to last page) when last record is reached and KeyDown is pressed. Thx
  4. Hello there It's a very old issue, but in version 0.93 still not resolved. In a UniDBGrid, when TDataset.Append method is invoked, the record is inserted, not appended. n Spain is habitual (in other countries seems may be not) enter the order or invoice detail in natural order, like write this post: one line, then append other line, then append other line... Current workaround is populate the grid with empty records, is very annoying. Other workaround is unassign Datasource, append the record and then assign again the Datasource. Please add a boolean property to UniDbGrid called "DoAppendLikeAppend" or similar to allow current or new behaviour. Thanks PD.And if you append another boolean property "AutomaticAppendRecordOnLastRowReached" to append records when the last row is reached and downkey is pressed, would be fantastic!
  5. imagina

    RSS reader

    Great, Patmap Working in Firefox, getting error in Chrome, but don't worry, I've seen how to load and call JS scripts in your sample, was what I cared. Thank you
  6. imagina

    RSS reader

    Anybody knows how to implement in a TUniHTMLFrame? I found several JS scripts (by example http://cstruter.com/downloads/) but I'm a JS newbie. Thx
  7. imagina

    Security issue

    And another undesirable effect; issuing a inexistant file, UniGui application reveals the complete path: URL: h ttp://server:8077/fake.pdf UniGui answers: File D:\Delphi\UniGui\AppSvc1\fake.pdf not found.
  8. imagina

    Security issue

    Setting permissions to user is not a solution, if there are files in the same folder is because are used by the same application. If I restrict a file then the same application server will not be able to access it. And I think (not tested) that with ISAPI there are the same behaviour. The real problem is this: h ttp://localhost:8077/../../../system.ini I can access, If I know the name and where is located, any file... DocJones, if you use ISAPI, put a .PDF file in the parent folder where your ISAPI application is running and then try to open with: (your ip:port)/../file.pdf
  9. imagina

    Security issue

    I have a small demo application running as service. I can access it with a url like "". But I can download or see any file contained in the folder where the application resides; if, by example, in these folder I have theserver.exe file and other file called "hello.pdf", if I enter in a URL "" I can download an see the file. It works like a FTP server. If I know the file name... I can download it. However, in some situations, I want to share a file (report as a PDF); in these cases I put the file in the cache folder, that is secure, because the session id is long and eventual. Please advice me how to avoid this behaviour. Thanks
  10. I also wish you and your family a happy new year. Josep
  11. In VCL mode I think all components will work. In WEB mode, only non-visual (not inherited from TControl).
  12. Hello Please advice me how specify the event background colors where CalendarId property is greather than 3, because his font color is white and the background too. I defined 7 calendars in Calendars property. With CalendarId = 1 the background is blue; with CalendarId = 2, green, and CalendarId = 3, brown. But CalendarId 4 to 7 the background color is white. Editing a file of ext-3.3.0 folder may be? Thanks
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