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  1. TreeGridTestCasePrepared.rar
  2. Hi I need my TUniDBTreeGrid to be sorted by two numeric fields and display the node text of a field3 (text field). Actually it is ordering (A-Z). I give the query sorted as I want and it still does not work. There is any workaround to fix it? Thanks
  3. Hi Farshad Would be very good to potentiateTUniDBGrid adding RowBody feature support. Here is the doc. Regards
  4. Hi, I'm using two Line Series in a Chart object and first labels of both series are been truncated. How can I fix it? Regards
  5. Hi This issue still ramins. You have to change the Rtti visibility of your Forms if you want to see your custom methods, private objects or custom properties. Workarround: {$RTTI EXPLICIT METHODS([vcPrivate..vcPublished]) PROPERTIES([vcPrivate..vcPublished]) FIELDS([vcPrivate..vcPublished])} This way everything will be visible using Rtti. Regards
  6. I'm using Firebird since version 1.5 in all my Apps too, with very good performance.
  7. Hi I'm interested too, my email is mvbressler2008@gmail.com. I have Full Unigui License.
  8. cordial saludo.... mi nombre es frank montes de colombia... todavia trbajas con delphi- unigui

  9. Hi, I'm sorry for be late, I hope this subject still be worm. I had published some time ago a simple post about MVVM in UNIGUI using KNOCKOFF (from Stefan Glienke) adapted to UNIGUI. Here is the link. Post´s Link Since that time, I have been working with this pattern in UNIGUI with TMS Aurelius, and yes, code is cleaner. The limitation I found on this approach is the creation of an adapter for each component. But it is working. I hope this could help. Regards
  10. Hi guys I had been developing something like this but based on QZ Tray for a private requested job , unfortunately unfinished yet. It allows chained print (impression queue). Regards
  11. Hi Delphi Developer RTTI actually sees published properties nor private or protected or public. In my case, TUniDBGrid.SelectedRows can't be see be RTTI, I had to alter the source code and change the visibility from public to published. Are there any planed change in this area? IMO would be good to have full RTTI access. Thanks for your time.
  12. Hi Farshad I'm trying to use RTTI in uniDBGrid SelectedRows property but RTTI can't locate it. Does RTTI disabled for components? Regards
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