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Async version of JSCall


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I am looking for server side method which can invoke a JavaScript function that takes a callback and later asynchronously calls this callback which should result in a server-side call. Basically an async version of existing JSCall method which can take an anonymous function or a delphi callback. Is there such a method already present?

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A simple example of what I am looking for:



procedure CallBack(AResult: string);
  // Control comes here after timeout

JSAsyncCall('method', CallBack);

Client-side (JS):

method: function(callback) {
  setTimeout(callback, 1000, 'result');

I could use ajax to achieve this but I'd have to maintain a mapping on the server of all the callback functions and call them appropriately when the message arrives from the client. I am sure UniGUI must have solved this problem already - so I was looking to see if the framework has something I can use to achieve this.

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I have found an example implementation in UniGUI that may suit what I am looking for. The method "uniGUIDialogs.Prompt" takes a callback function which is called from the client-side once the user dismisses the dialog. Is there something similar which we can use when developing a custom component? How is the the Delphi callback procedure linked to the client-side callback?

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