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how to set bigger UniTabsheet bar and font

Kachar ganyalong

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Thank you, all done.


first i put this in PageControl -> ClientEvents -> ExtEvents -> [Ext.tab.Panel [tabPanel]] -> afterrender fn:

function tabPanel.afterrender(sender, eOpts)
    var _height = 35;
    sender.tabBar.items.each(function(el) {

then put this in each UniTabsheet extevents

function afterrender(sender, eOpts)
   sender.tab.btnInnerEl.setStyle("fontSize", "12");




now I'm in love with javaScript.

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"now I'm in love with javaScript."


JS is like a cute and clever woman - you never know exactly what she's gonna do,

and how she's gonna do it, and if she will even do it, and if so, when she's gonna do it  :)


Any coder cannot help but being infatuated by such an interesting partner...

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