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  1. Do we have that event? I want to know when user switch tab, or switch to other app on mobile browser.
  2. I have knowledge to share to you all, to make unipanel more beauty you can set panel to round by this in ExtEvents function afterrender(sender, eOpts) { sender.setBodyStyle('border-radius','12px'); }
  3. Oh it was my fault, I insert Java in wrong place, thank you
  4. I have this problem too and cannot fix by the above java. so i have to back to unigui production 1425
  5. Thank you, I can https by using IIS with Let’s encrypt now
  6. Thank you so much Leandro, I'm handling a big project now (100-200 concurrent users) app with intensive SQL requests. I used to run Unigui as exe but I found that 40 users is the limited of concurrency. After 40 users it was frozen. I fixed that by running 20 instances of Unigui exe on different ports, that caused the problem of "uploaded files needed to be synced between instances folder". I will try IIS setting. I will be back to report this to benefit other members. But it may take long time cause the project is not yet ready.
  7. Which one can handle more user concurrency? Any one test it? Thank you
  8. Wow, love it so much really elegance
  9. My app is heavy e-test with mysql db +clientdataset and timers
  10. Hello, I meant 1 instance of UniguiApp can service 20 users only, if more than 20 it will freeze. So i have tried to fix this problem by running 10 instances of My Unigui app. Sevice from port 9001 to 90010 then the problem gone
  11. I need to run many instances of Unigui because 1 unigui app can handle about 20 user concurrency. I need to serve multi hundreds. So what is the best way to do it seamlessly ( not showing port number in URL address) with IIS and with nginx. Please see in picture
  12. If I set HTTPS for IIS, does it means the forwarded port from local unigui can react to internet user with https automatically? Please see the picture.
  13. Hello, This is not a problem because I've already know how to fix it by simply reinstall it. But I want to report that when I switched from BOOTCAMP mode (Boot Windows directly on my MAC) , to VM mode (run bootcamp partition inside MAC OS on VMWARE) it reported "License not valid". After that I can fix it by reinstalling. I just want to inform you that I may reinstall UniGui often because my MAC sometimes it error and can't boot into Windows directly so I have to run it as VM. Please don't detect me as license abuser.
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