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Hi guys,

The UniGui already has support for TabBar configuration in TabPanel?

I'm trying to change the height of the tabs in PageControl the following manner

PageControl -> ClientEvents -> UniEvents -> [Ext.tab.Panel [tabPanel]] -> tabPanel.beforeInit

tabBar: { height: 25,
          defaults: { height: 20 }

But all my attempts, I could not change the size of the tabs.

I also tried the following methods.

config.tabBar: { height: 25,
          defaults: { height: 20 }

config.tabBar: { height: 25 }

config.tabBarHeight = 25

But also did not work.

Is there any other way to change TabBar settings?

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For now try:


PageControl -> ClientEvents -> ExtEvents -> [Ext.tab.Panel [tabPanel]] -> afterrender fn:

function tabPanel.afterrender(sender, eOpts)
    var _height = 35;
    sender.tabBar.items.each(function(el) {

Best regards.

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Hi Delphi Developer,

That way you said the event "afterRender" the TabPanel. The space the size of the removed height of the tab is added to the bottom of the PageControl.



Is there any way to change it without the addition of this space in the end?

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