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I come back with this.


Is possible to run a vcl form inside a unigui app? In some container (for example).


It could be interesting in migration process. I'd like to run my unigui app, but have many forms, and this could be good while migrating (migrating process can take a long time).


I think that could be good, making progressive substitution of forms (called from menu options). I have a form, and when finish its migration, change the vcl form, for the equivalent unigui form. Something similar to http://www.cybelesof...nity/virtualui/


Perhaps this is science fiction.


Any idea?



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We should make an open-source vcl-to-unigui parser - there is no other way, really.


So we can all share it and use it, for free.


It should be part of the Unigui web application toolbox.


So, let's just start doing it - who takes the lead? :)

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