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    vcl forms

    Try search on the forum, such topics already have discussed: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/2179-help-for-those-who-want-to-convert-to-delphi-projects-unigui/
  2. Tokay


    Fortunatelly it's not a big issue. I've redisigned the form.
  3. Tokay


    I understand what's happend. I've used laLeft FieldLabelAlign and picker is too wide.
  4. Tokay


    Selector looks like that here
  5. Tokay


    A bit issue. Does it possible to sort years?
  6. Tokay


    Thank you! Works as expected.
  7. Tokay


    Wow! And how to do such mode?
  8. Tokay


    Great solution! Does it possible to create only year selector?
  9. Does someone made friends TinyMCE 5 and UniGUI? All the great examaples on the forum uses 4th verion.
  10. Смотри примеры, исходники там всё есть: UniCalendarPanel1.Events.Clear; UniCalendarPanel1.Events.ItemFromId UniCalendarPanel1.Events.ItemFromInternalId
  11. Browsing in uniURLframe works fine, you can try it. If such behaviour fit for you.
  12. Tokay


    type THelpThread = class(TThread) private FSessionName: string; FDataSource: TDataSource; FSQL: string; protected procedure Execute; override; public property DataSource: TDataSource Read FDataSource Write FDataSource; property SessionName: string Read FSessionName Write FSessionName; property SQL: string Read FSQL Write FSQL; end; { THelpThread } procedure THelpThread.Execute; var Session: TUniGUISession; MainModule: TUniMainModule; i: integer; begin inherited; MakeQuery(FDataSource.DataSet as TFDQuery, FSQL, True); FDataSource.DataSet.Last; FDataSource.DataSet.First; Session := UniServerModule.GetSession(SessionName); MainModule := TUniMainModule(Session.UniApplication.UniMainModule); with TUniForm2(MainModule.GetFormInstance(TUniForm2)) do UniDBGrid1.DataSource := FDataSource end; This code works for me.
  13. как я понимаю, новый модуль и сессия должна подключатся уже к новой ноде. впрочем, лучше саппорт пусть ответит.
  14. You could not directly interacting with side site with help of ajax. Ajax could interact only with back (Delphi code), and back, I think, could interact with your other site in some way (websocket?).
  15. ты это можешь легко проверить. достаточно поставить бряк на разрушении mainmodule. думается пока сессия активная, то гиперсервер её никак не переключит в принципе
  16. Я так понимаю, что гиперсервер работает по сессиям а не по логинам. То есть пока сессия явно не завершится, то он считает что пользователь всё еще подключен к ноде и перебрасывать не другую его не стоит. Впрочем это легко проверить. Достаточно глянуть на куки сессии, там виден идентификтор.
  17. As far as I understand FmtSettings and PFmtSettings is the same things. But second is pointer to FmtSettings: PFmtSettings: PFormatSettings; FmtSettings: TFormatSettings; Found in samples: procedure TUniMainModule.UniGUIMainModuleCreate(Sender: TObject); begin with PFmtSettings^ do begin DateSeparator:='/'; CurrencyFormat:=0; CurrencyString:='$'; end; end;
  18. As far as I understand the clients uses local decimal separate options. Depends on what is set in the user's system/browser.
  19. I update to the last 1566 version and all works fine here: uptime (for now only in /server, but I added own realization) and memory calculation (without code changing). Thank you!
  20. This is not what I needed, but Ext.window.Window.override({constrainHeader:true}); done the things! Many thanks!!!
  21. Please add if possible in the future release option like UniMainModule -> ConstrainForms = True, but with config.constrainHeader=true. It seems that this feature is neceseery for all forms, but there are no possibility to add it globally on the app to all forms.
  22. AFAIK UniGUI does not uses java at all.
  23. Hi! I know about the UniMainModule -> ConstrainForms = True, it constrain form position for all fourth sides. Actuall mostly issue side is the top of the window and other sides contrains more interfere than help. Does it possible to add constrain form only for the top side of window?
  24. Дописывать нужно, если нужно сворачивание. Я его просто отключил
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