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How To Capture Clear Button event

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I am using the version of UniGUI / Delphi XE6 and created a new inherited component TUniDBLookupComboBox. I'm using the property clearbutton true and would like to execute a statement when the user clicks the X button (ClearButton). Is there any event that triggers the component when it is clicked the X (ClearButton)? How can I handle this event?


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This event is handled and used internally on client side. It is not sent to the server, so it can not be handled without additional implementations on client side.

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Can you try this approach?!:


For example:


UniDBLookupComboBox1 -> ClientEvents -> ExtEvents -> afterrender fn:

function afterrender(sender, eOpts)
    sender.plugins.forEach(function(p) {
        if (p.alias[0] == "plugin.clearbutton") {

            // default click handler:
            // handleMouseClickOnClearButton: function(event, htmlElement, object) {
            //     if (!this.isLeftButton(event)) {
            //         return;
            //     }
            //     this.textField.setValue('');
            //     this.textField.focus();
            // }

            // remove default click handler if is needed
            p.clearButtonEl.un('click', p.handleMouseClickOnClearButton, p);

            // add your click handler
            p.clearButtonEl.on('click', function(event, htmlElement, object) {
                // your logic

Best regards.

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