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Q: Different ExtJSversions on same server?


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I created a new application based on the latest uniGui version and ExtJSversion

On our server we have applications running with ExtJSversion  and build with

a earlies version of uniGui


When i want to run the new application i got only the 'Loading' screen. The loading mechanisme

in 4.2.2. is different from previous version.


Is it possible to put 2 different ExtJSVersions on the same server and point the old

application to version and the new application to ?


Regards Peter

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Hi mierlp,

I have two apps running in different version in a same server.

You can compile one of your project with server module

option ExtRoot: [ext]\ and the other one with: ext-\

In the second option you'll have to copy two folders beside your app: ext- and uni- (or same version you're using)

Or, finally, compile each one in the second way.

Hope this helps, regards.

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For some reason i stuck with my new application on a loading issue.


What did i do:

- I have a database application (as .dll) build with a earlier version of uniGui and ExtJS, this WORKS on our server

- make a copy of this application, customiced it and run it as a stand-alone applicaton running on MY DEVELOP PC...this works

- installed the runtime version/copy ext. directory to the server next to the existing version

- both applications are using a config.ini file into there application/dll dirctory. This config.ini contains a setting for the ext\ map. In old application
  this is empty so it point to the default installed ext\ map....everything works
- for the new application i set this parameter in his own config.ini to ext4.2.2.1144\

- when starting the new application it only displays the loading message

- when i copy a old application(which uses the older verions of extjs) to this dierctory this application works!


I can't figure out why this new version 'WORKS on my developer computer and is  'NOT WORKING' on our server
and only displaying the 'Loading' message.


I have several applications working but can't get the new one working and don't know where to search. I've tried it

as a dll and standalone server on our server but both the same result. All other applications are .dll with ISS 7


Teamviewer access is possible to my developer pc or server



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