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  1. Hi, Embarcadero is announcing this in Delphi Academy: 11/05: RAD Server: Proyecto Ejemplo Parte 3 (Cliente WEB con Ext JS) 11/05 RAD Server: Example Project Part 3 (Web Client with Ext JS) Is this related in some way with UniGui? Regards.
  2. Voila!!! Thanks a lot, if you like beer, I own you a few when you come to Colombia. Best regards.
  3. Hi Farshad, I'm using TurboDelphi 2006. I have downloaded again all of this: FMSoft_uniGUI_Plus_Professional_1.0.0.1378_RC.exe, FMSoft_uniGUI_Plus_runtime_1.0.0.1378.exe, FMSoft_uniGUI_Theme_Pack_1.0.0.1378.exe, FMSoft_uniGUI_Documentation_1.0.0.1378.exe Uninstalled all previous version. Delete all bpl files from: C:\Users\user\Documents\Borland Studio Projects\Bpl Removed packages manually from IDE 1- Installed Plus Professional in default path ..... OK 2- Installed Runtime show message that I shouldn't install Runtime along UniGUI (I've chosen Yes)....OK ? 3- Buid all projects in IDE......OK 4- Installed uSynEdit_D2006.bpl.....OK (Image attached, rare components icons) 5- Installation of uniGUI10dcl.bdsproj .............ERROR (Image attached) I know this is a bother issue for you, but I'm runnng out of ideas, sorry. I have installed RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin already in the same machine, does it affect somehow? My last choice is unistall Delphi, but I have a lot of components actually. Regards.
  4. Farshad, the same error: 1- uniGUI_2006_PlusGroup.bdsgroup built ok 2- uSynEdit_D2006 Installed ok 3- uniGUI10dcl.bdsproj on installed: --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Cannot load package 'uSynEdit_R2006.' It contains unit 'uSynUnicode,'which is also contained in package 'uSynEdit_D2006' --------------------------- 4- uniGUI10Chartdcl.bdsproj Installed ok Best regards.
  5. Farshad, I couldn't install neither 1.X or 0.99.X, have to use 0.90. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Regards.
  6. Farshad, I replaced original packages with yours, but same problem. Must edit some paths: uSynEdit_D2006.bdsproj and uSynEdit_R2006.bdsproj: <Source> <Source Name="MainSource">SynEdit_D2006.dpk</Source> (edited with uSynEdit_D2006) </Source> <Source> <Source Name="MainSource">SynEdit_R2006.dpk</Source> (edited with uSynEdit_R2006) </Source> 1- uniGUI_2006_PlusGroup.bdsgroup built and compiled ok 2- uSynEdit_D2006 Install ok 3- uniGUI10dcl.bdsproj on install: --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Cannot load package 'uSynEdit_R2006.' It contains unit 'uSynUnicode,'which is also contained in package 'uSynEdit_D2006' --------------------------- 4- uniGUI10Chartdcl.bdsproj Install ok Hope you can check this out, please.
  7. Thanks a lot Farshad, I'll test them later. Best regards.
  8. Hi, I just downloaded Plus Pro, installation runs well, but in Delphi 2006 installation process. I unistalled previous version and installed new one in a separate folder. It seems folder SynEdit now is uSynEdit and it has problem to be installed, at least to me. I edited some path in packages and Build All runs ok, uSynEdit_D2006.bpl and uSynEdit_R2006.bpl install ok, but uniGUI10dcl.bdsproj and uniGUI10mdcl.bdsproj says: --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Cannot load package 'uSynEdit_R2006.' It contains unit 'uSynUnicode,'which is also contained in package 'uSynEdit_D2006' --------------------------- Anybody with same problem? Regards, J. Oriol M.
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    play video

    Hi, Attached test case. To clarify, if project is built with MainForm as a mfForm, video resizes as browser resizes, but with mfPage option. To reproduce issue (certainly caused by my poor knowledge), just restore browser and maximize again. Thanks in advance for your comments and help. Regards. htmlframevideo1.rar
  10. joriolm

    play video

    Hi, I have a question about video in HTML, sorry if it is not the right place to post. I have this in a UniHTMLFrame: <div id="video_container" align="center"> <video id="lab1_video" autoplay muted loop width="100%"> <source src="media/road1.mp4" type="video/mp4"> </video> </div> This code displays my video as a background in the frame, but when I resize browser window, video remains playing with old dimensions. This same code as a pure html file works well when browser resizes. Can you give me a hand on this, please?
  11. Thanks YuriO, zilav, delphidude, I'll check that URL parameter and possible problem with creating a new session. I like zilav method to find current session if it is opened. I'll try, regards.
  12. Thanks Zilav, It's all in the same UniGUi webapp, I have some html inside a UniURLFrame with a link, if I click the link can I open certain form of the same webapp? It is something like send a url in a email and with it redirect to a form in a UniGui webapp. It is possible?
  13. Hi Fmirande, Same problem, have you solved this out yet? Farshad, can you help us with some tip, please? Regards.
  14. Hi, I have a Html5 template in a UniURLFrame, I wondering if I clicking a link inside it I can open a UniGui Login form, by example. My question is if I can retrieve some URL to execute or access some UniGui control in my web app. Tryed to find something in forums, but nothing useful, sorry if there is some related post. Regards. J. Oriol Mujica MasterData
  15. Hi logisticasoft, Just struggling with this exactly as you mentioned. This is an all day VCL operation, but causing me some new white hair in UniGui.... any ideas? Well, I went to fast in my reply, just saw Form callback demo.
  16. Hi Farshad, IMHO, Big demo on Linux runs a little slow, I think. However, it runs !!!! Additionally, would you share us some details and tools used in your stress test? Please. I like to test my apps too. Thanks.
  17. Hi farshad, Customer Area login info is the same used to login to forum? please, doesn't work for me. Customer Area doesn't have forgotten password recovery option. Regards.
  18. Hi freelancer, Your code works for me, without your NewGUID lines, excel file is generated (as Zam said) from FastReports 5 on D2006 and Zeos. Excel file is generated and downloaded normally to: http://localhost:8077/cache/MyApp/3o6eaeHm2CalYOd/$$$/export.xlsx frxXLSXExport1.showprogress := false; frxXLSXExport1.showdialog := false; frxReport1.PrepareReport(); //CreateGUID(NewGUID); frxXLSXExport1.FileName := UniServerModule.TempFolderPath + '.xlsx'; frxReport1.Export(frxXLSXExport1); UniSession.SendFile(UniServerModule.TempFolderPath + '.xlsx', 'export.xlsx'); What is the CreateGUID for? I'm using self server, not a dll, probably this is the issue? Only changed XLS to a XLSX export, but I assume work to a XLS file too, regards.
  19. PostgreSQL+ZEOS DBO+FastReport 5, running very well for me
  20. Hi, I have one UniPanel with this: UniEvents->aftercreate: sender.layout = 'accordion'; This renders an accordion component like attached images, but only when collapsed and then expanded first control, buttons fit panel's width. I used: UniSession.AddJS(UPmenu1.JSName+'.collapse();'); UniSession.AddJS(UPmenu1.JSName+'.expand();'); But behavior get strange with panels inside accordion, they remain collapsed or expanded. Are there some ExtJS functions to repaint, refresh or reload controls to simulate and collapse-expand events in this case? Thanks.
  21. Hi mierlp, I have two apps running in different version in a same server. You can compile one of your project with server module option ExtRoot: [ext]\ and the other one with: ext-\ In the second option you'll have to copy two folders beside your app: ext- and uni- (or same version you're using) Or, finally, compile each one in the second way. Hope this helps, regards.
  22. Hi Arving, great charts!! I compiled in Delphi 2006 and I'm getting this error: [Pascal Fatal Error] Main.pas(9): F1026 File not found: 'System.Generics.Collections.dcu' Some clues? please.
  23. Do you have a UDBNavigator? Only UDBGrid paged and refresh button? If you have UDBNavigator, user refresh Dataset from there, then in dataset event AfterRefresh you call UDBGrid.Refresh; That refresh button in UDBGrid, IMHO, was not designed for refresh the datasource. Farshad can correct me with this. Regards.
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