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ExtJs.animate - problem


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Hello folks ..


i use "animate" to show detail-information of database records..


if the user clicks on a menupoint or on a database-record - i  load a uniFrame and show panels per:


Show panel :

UniSession.AddJS(sliderpanel.JSName    + '.animate({ duration: 200, to: { x:'+inttostr(x)+', opacity: 100}});');

Hide panel:

UniSession.AddJS(sliderpanel.JSName    + '.animate({ duration: 200, to: { x:'+inttostr(x)+', opacity: 0}});');

if a menupoint will be clicked - first of all i call:

if mainform.aktuelles_anipanel <> '' then UniSession.AddJS(mainform.aktuelles_anipanel + '.stopAnimation();');

Works fine .. BUT if i click in a faster intervall - the extjs.animate-function doesnt response anymore .. i must restart my uniGui-Application..


i think, if i click on a menupoint - the uniframe will be destroyed and a other uniframe is loaded - the extjs.animate-funkction will lost the panel ... 


i made a small captured video .. in the beginning i click "normal" ..  at the end i click a litte bit faster .. and the "animate"-function crashed .. 


Please have a look at:  http://wavi.at/unigui/unigui.html



What can i do? ... any ideas?




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... now i stop the "old" animation and start the new in a "try"


the Network/HandleEvent/Response-Code taken with Chrome-Dev-Tools: 


try{O422.animate({ duration: 200, to: { x:1380, opacity: 0}}) }catch(e){};

but didnt solve my problem :-(


if i "free" the uniframe with the panel (what i want to animate) .. and the animation is still running - the "extjs.animate function" is not responsing anymore ..



ThanX for suggestions

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