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DBGRID Action Columns at Design Time

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Variant of the component Tunidbgrid with Columns Action At design time. 
This new component is the result of a collaboration between myself and Mr. Maikel Bresler. 
the component has been tested with version 0.96... of UniGui and Delphi XE3. 
I do not think that there are problems with other versions of Delphi. 
package BMUiniDbGrid;
  UniGUI17;   // unigui17 = delphi XE3    >>>  Change the package Unigui17 with your version of Delphi                 
Build and install the  package BMuniDBGrid.dpk 
Add the Path (dcu) in Delphi>Tools>Delphi Options>Library 
Have Fun. 
P.Š. if you need a demo program, please let me know. 
with best regards 
Salvatore Marullo






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Hi Csyasar, 
Tunistrings (I believe) is defined Uniguitypes.dcu also in Delphi10. 
Only for a test, 
Please copy UniguiTypes.dcu from ... \ FMsoft \ Framework \ unigui \ dcu \ delphi10 
in the directory where the package BMuniDBGrid.dpk is located. 
Build and install the package. 
Is working, you have a problem with delphi path: in Delphi see Tools.Options.Delphi Options.libary




Salvatore Marullo

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I try to get it run without success. I've installed the TBMDBUniGrid without problems. I followed the pictures in the forum post to set up a button column. On Runtime, i can see the button column, thats fine. But if click on it, the OnButtonAction is never fired. I leave the OnActionColumnEvent property blank. maybe that is the problem?


Maybe a little demo program would help me.


Thanks in advance

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Hi Kiener , 


yes, this is the problem. 

at the moment  are busy . 


Later   I will post  you a demo. 








procedure TMainForm.gridButtonAction(Sender: TObject; ButtonEvent: string);
   memo.Lines.Add('Clik :  ' +  ButtonEvent )  ;
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Hi rullamore,


First i have to thank you for the quick demo. I studed it and saw... there is no difference to my project. Hmm... the only difference was, that my grid was on a TuniPanel. So i set the grid directly to the form and.. it works!

So i changed your demo project in that way. I placed a TuniPanel on the form and set the grid into it. Now, even the demo project did not fire the OnButtonAction event.


Seems to be an issue.



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Hi ganzqgy, 


Not tested in Delphi XE2. 
Maybe you can help.
procedure TBMUniDBGrid.JSEventHandler(AEventName: String;
  AParams: TUniStrings);
    Vals: String;
    ArrayOfIndex: TArray<String>;
    I: Integer;
    CurrentPos: TBookmark;
    var Ts : Tstrings ;  // New XE2
    x         : integer ;   // New XE2
  if SameText (AEventName,FActionColumnEvent)  then begin
      if assigned(Self.OnButtonAction) then
      self.OnButtonAction(self,AParams.Values['Buttons']) ;
  else  if SameText (AEventName,'SelectedRows') then begin
        SelectedRows := strtoint(AParams.Values['RowsCount']);
          SelectedRows := 0 ;
  else if  sametext(AEventName,'selectionchange') then
    Self.FSelectionListObject.RawValueOfIndex := AParams.Values['ArrayOfIndex'];
    Vals := Self.FSelectionListObject.RawValueOfIndex;
    // Vals := Vals.Replace('[', '');
    // Vals := Vals.Replace(']', '');
    Vals :=   StringReplace( Vals, '[', '', [RfReplaceAll] );    // XE2
    Vals :=   StringReplace( Vals, ']', '', [RfReplaceAll] );    // XE2
   // ArrayOfIndex := Vals.Split([',']);
 // XE2 
    Ts := Tstringlist.Create ;
    ts.Delimiter := ',' ;
    ts.DelimitedText := Vals ;
   SetLength(ArrayOfIndex, ts.Count);           //   added by mr. ganzqgy  




    for x  := 0 to ts.Count- 1 do begin
      ArrayOfIndex[x] := ts.Strings[x] ;
  // XE2














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