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Compile Error - Undeclared Identifier


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I just installed the latest build and I now get undeclared indentifier errors that is in Exdata.pas that refers to  FTplExtXTemplate : TExtXTemplate; How can I correct. Worked fine before the update.


I am running on an XP Pro machine with Delphi XE.


John P.

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Hi Farshad.
Why is the folder C: \ Program Files \ FMSoft \ Framework \ uniGUI \ ExtPascal \ greatly curtailed?
1. I corrected the mistake UniDBGrid, using ExtData.
2. How can I use the following code, without ExtData?
uses ..., ExtData;
  THackUniDBGrid = class (TUniDBGrid)
    procedure RemoveAll;

procedure THackUniDBGrid.RemoveAll;
  ST: TExtDataStore;
  ST: = TExtDataStore (Self.ExtGridPanel.Store);
  ST.RemoveAll (True);
procedure TMainForm.UniBitBtn1Click (Sender: TObject);
On the one hand does not take into account the versioning is bad, especially when the project is large!
4. Or, we can simply replace the ExtData on the ExtPascalUtils??
Please Farshad, give us the solution .... 


Sincerely ...
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