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Limit characters in UniDBmemo


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I have a UniDBMemo on a form where the user may enter max 80 characters,

I use the code below to display the amount of remaining characters with the

UniDBMemoChange event.

TextLen := 100-Length(StringReplace(StringReplace(UniDBMemo_Motivation.Text, 
 #10, '', [rfReplaceAll]), #13, '', [rfReplaceAll]));   

But how to prevent the user entering more than 80 characters ?


Regards Peter


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Hi mierlp.

Try this:

Add the code in UniDBMemo1.ClientEvents.ExtEvents

function OnChange (sender, newValue, oldValue)
   if (sender.getValue().length > 80)
     sender.setValue(sender.getValue().slice(0, 80));

This is one of the solutions


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