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Error installing version 0.90 on delphi 2010


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i have just downloaded the 0.90 version and i failed to compile it on delphi 2010. the error is on the uniGui14Chart.bpl

i attach the screenshot for further information. Please guide me if somebody has successfully installed this version on delphi 2010.

i don't have any version of Unigui installed before. The error also pointing on some line, such as TUniCustomPanel, TUniFont, and many others. delphi just don't recognize all those things. i have set all the unigui instalation folder to the library path. here are the included path on library path setting :










are there any other path should include to the library path setting ?



Thanks in advance


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If it could help:


We are running D2010 and finally UniGUI is correctly installed, BUT in the installation instructions provided, make sure you do the following:


1. Remove packages using IDE options

2. Uninstal UniGUI through Add/Remove programs

3. Delete the old contents of the directory that contains the old version of framework


Without point 3, we had some "strange" responses installing UniGUI. With point 3, the installation process goes smoothly.


Now we have a lot of problems with new version, but that's another story.



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