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  1. stlcours

    How to prevent IE8-- run unigui?

    Thanks to Oscar Flor But by if it is not IE, you give the alert too?
  2. stlcours

    How to prevent IE8-- run unigui?

    As you now, if the client use IE6, there are so many problems(I think the main problem is that its JS engine is so slow so some problems occurs.) I think you can make an option to prevent IE8-- run unigui. Event the client cannot use the application with IE6, but it can also avoid some unknown errors, doesn't it? Thanks in advance.
  3. stlcours

    FasteReport dynamically hiding band

    You write your code in the funciton of myFRXreportValue ? Should write in frxReport1GetValue(const VarName: string; var Value: Variant);
  4. stlcours

    Customer Area Web Application

    Hi, FM 0.94 must use EXT 4.1 or higher? I think 3.4 est more stable, can I continue to use it?
  5. stlcours

    Customer Area Web Application

    Got a license....Thanks. But where can I download 0.94?
  6. stlcours

    Financial contribution

    Me too. Stlcours
  7. stlcours

    Can you add some tools for UniCanvas

    Up Up Up, thanks!
  8. some tools like a "select a rectangle area from a picture", then the client can copy or save the selected area to a new file. I use it to redefine the picture for the client. This functionality is so popular in PHP forum. Thanks a lot!
  9. Can you add this function? Maybe it is not difficult for you. Thanks!
  10. stlcours

    Merry Christmas

    from the France Joyeux Noël
  11. stlcours

    Help Help Help

    You should carefully read and run all the demos. On the other hand, you can download some new components from this forum to learn. I have already applied it to a middle project and there is none of problem.
  12. stlcours

    Error installing version 0.90 on delphi 2010

    Farshad Mohajeri , don't waste your time to install for him. I have ever succeeded in installing unigui on Delphi2010. He just installed IDE add-in which cause many unknown problems. So he should give himself un pure Delphi and try again.
  13. stlcours

    2 applications in the same directory

    Yes you can. I have already do it like this.
  14. stlcours

    Async to Sync

    use callback, see demos
  15. stlcours

    uniGUI forums now support Tapatalk client

    It is not free???