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How to connect database reside other place than in web server


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Hi All,


I am using AnyDac component and firebird database.


Suppose that the Web Server IP Address is and the web application

want to connect database reside in client computer (IP Address


with code like this :


idx:= ADConnection1.Params.IndexOfName('Database');

ADConnection1.Params[idx]:= 'Database=\Employee.fdb';

ADConnection1.Connected:= True;


raise Ajax Error : Server unavailable


My plan is not to host the web application and the database in the same computer.


as I read article Database Security Best Practices :


Separate the Database and Web Servers


so that mean the web application computer and database server computer will have different IP Address.


Thanks in advance.

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Can you ping db server from web server?

Hi, thanks and sorry for my late reply.


Yes I can ping db Server(client computer) from web server and vice versa.


And the process connecting database is done in client computer, this mean

the user in client computer try to connect his local database.


I also try to remote connect the client database (I can ping the client computer) from my computer with Desktop application (create with VCL Delphi not uniGUI) but failed either.


the error message is :


Unable to complete network request to host 'xx.xx.xxxx' <- client ip address

failed to establish a connection.



I used to be able remote connect the client database use the desktop application but now fail to connect.


So I think this is not because of UniGUI application, but network connection problem.


I use Logmein Hamachi to connect client computer.

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Did you install on the computer

the Firebird client.

Since you're using ADO did you install, configure and test the ODBC driver ?



Firebird server run on (Web server) and (client computer)

Maybe Firebird server need not run on (Web server) cause Database now on, I will test it later.


I use Anydac not ADO, not configure and test the ODBC driver.

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