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Coming Soon: uniGUI + WhatsApp (No payed API)

Fred Montier

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In few hours will be available. Some features

This project and a series of them related to WhatsAPP and uniGUI will be for sale. With this one that will be available in the next hours, you will be able to integrate your uniGUI APP with the WhatsApp network using a WhatsApp web session via CEF4Delphi and using the TInject component to insert JavaScript code in the Chrome session and thus control the application.

-Integrates WhatsAPP with uniGUI without using middlewares or any api using WhtasApp Web via CEF4Delphi.
-Easy integration with your projects (uniGUI or VCL) and many improvements in component and Demo.
-Authentication via QrCode through the form in uniGUI or directly on the VCL screen saving the image, so you can send it to integrate with your

other services or applications.
-Uses the TInject component (version modified by me) with the following features:

Send messages     
Receive messages     
Send media (images/audio/documents)     
Send media (video)      (requires google chrome)
Send stickers     
Receive media (images/audio/video/documents)     
Send contact cards     
Send location     
Send VCard
Send Link With Preview (e.i.: Youtube, ticktok, instagram etc)
Retrieve image thumbnail location and convert to link
Receive location (implementings)
Receives VCard    
Message replies     
Join groups by invite     
Get invite for group     
Modify group info (subject, description)     
Modify group settings (send messages, edit info)     
Get Broadcast groups only, send only to them etc.
Add group participants     
Kick group participants     
Promote/demote group participants     
Mention users     
Mute/unmute chats
Send Buttons
Send List Options (in test, soon to be released)    
Block/unblock contacts     
Get contact info     
Get profile pictures     
Set user status message
Get Battery and Device info    

From OpenSource project
https://github.com/open-wa/wa-automate-nodejs/ (W/ partialy paid - No paid feature included in this project)
https://github.com/mikelustosa/Projeto-TInject <-- TInject - Free version

Visit our groups:
https://t.me/uniguiexpress (english)
https://t.me/uniguiBrazil (portuguese-br)

My contact: WA/TG: +55-1198620-7676


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