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Problem when downloading a file with a Russian name


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Hi. Thanks for your work.


The problem occurs when working with the server IIS5, IIS7.

In the server standalone mode - file is downloaded successfully.


In brouser, i see error message:

"File C:\WebIIS\cache\Start\IotspPxPNzKtXGn\?????.txt not found".


verify is possible by modifying the example in a folder:



procedure TMainForm.UniButton2Click(Sender: TObject);


FName : string;


// FName:='demo'+FormatDateTime('hhnnss', Time)+'.txt';




UniLabel1.Caption:='<a href="'+UniServerModule.LocalCacheURL+FName+'" target=new>Click here to download: ('+FName+')</a>';



how can I fix this?

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А при чем тут унигуи? Пользователь давит на ссылку с файлом и обработка запроса идет через IIS минуя унигуи, так что копать надо в ту сторону.

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When using TUniFileUpload

  • Create your own folder do not use UniGui.LocalFilePath, ie. DestFolder:=UniServerModule.StartPath+'UploadFolder\';
  • Copy file to UploadFolder from UploadComplete to CopyFile(PChar(AStream.FileName), PChar(DestName), False);
  • Please change direction of slashes from \ to / and use HTTP url format and read http://{url}/Uploadfolder/FName . url should be manually defined to allow domain name in future etc.

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А при чем тут унигуи?

Я конечно догадался, что они тут не причем. Вопрос решил сюда запостить т.к. в унигуи сейчас вожусь.

Вдруг укого были грабли такие.


When using TUniFileUpload


Thanks, I know, how to use TUniFileUpload.


Delphi version?



I know, what the problem is not unigui,

in intraveb-components present a similar problem,

but maybe someone know how to fix it.


Now, I see two possible solutions.

- transliterate file names.

- create ftp-server and create download-links in TUniMemo to ftp-server.

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