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Error: UniDBGrid -->Columns - Property:Editor and UniDbGrid-->Property:ReadOnly

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Hi  !!

           We have a problem with UniDBGrid --> Columns - Property : Editor and  UniDbGrid --> Property: ReadOnly 




       1. I 've made for you a test case.     

       2. In a Form:    

                    - A UniDbGrid linked Table: ElFormularios.

                                                     1.In Property: Columns --> in Columns ' property-->Editor :  we put a component, for example: a UniComboBox ( error appears with all components, we 've test them).                                                                               



                    - A UniRadioGroup1 with :

                                                          1 Name:ReadOnly (option):    UniDBGrid.ReadOnly:= True;  ( option for default) 

                                                          2 Name:NotReadOnly(option): UniDBGrid.ReadOnly: False;



                   - A UniButton1 ( it contains another process, it works well). 


       3. When clicking on UniRadioGroup1-->NotReadOnly first time, it works well.

           Then  clicking  on UniRadioGroup1-->ReadOnly, it works well

           For Second Time clicking on UniRadioGroup1-->NotReadOnly, it does not work. Error ( I  attach a file with error).



     We don´t why UniDBGrid.ReadOnly:= False doesn´t work, if we put a component in editor ( Property's Columns).


    Thanks in advance


    Angélica ( Arizmendi's team)









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Hi !!!     DataBase: Interbase XE7


            UNIGUI Version:


Thanks in advanced


  Angélica ( Arizmendi's Team)

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Can you reproduce your issue with ClientDataSet for example and attach?


Yes, actually issue can be reproduced with any database.


Anyway I managed to fix it.

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Dear Administrators and Moderators:  Thanks a lot!!!!!

                                                              It works very well.


                                                               Thanks a lot, again!!!! ;)


      Angélica ( Arizmendi's Team) 

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