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How can I add ajaxRequest button's onclick in toastr ?

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This is command for toastr ( https://github.com/CodeSeven/toastr )

Command: toastr["success"]("<div><button type="button" id="okBtn" class="btn btn-primary">Close me</button><button type="button" id="surpriseBtn" class="btn" style="margin: 0 8px 0 8px">Surprise me</button></div>")

This command add two more button on toastr, I wanna add ajaxRequest command on onclick event for each one. I'm try this command but not work.

And I'm trying in "TmyToaststr = class(TUniComponent)" for my useage. JSName for this component.

onclick:function(){ajaxRequest('+JSName+',''clicked'',[''clickedOn=btn_1'']); }


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You can add this to your js code

    ajaxRequest(JSNAME, "okBtn");

    ajaxRequest(JSNAME, "surpriseBtn");

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