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  1. RadCORE WEB Project Want to develop with DELPHI for web in a way LITERALLY PRACTICAL and HIGH PRODUCTIVITY ? Dozens of users in BRAZIL and the WORLD are conquering new customers by delivering your applications in record time without LEARNING SOMETHING NEW!!! UniGUI powered with RadCORE Goal Take advantage of all your knowledge in DELPHI VCL and develop or migrate your applications to the web or simply modernize your VCL applications with a lot of productivity and without the use of html templates and without requiring learning a new language or IDE. Facilities No need to know and/or apply HTML/CSS/JS manually; No use of third party components; Use of NATIVE DELPHI and uniGUI resources unnecessarily of replacement of your pre-existing components (even if you already use third-party components); No need for templates (ex: Admin LTE etc); A single code for any platform / device; High productivity for creating web applications; Some projects originally in standard UNIGUI that were migrated by me to the RadCORE standard: SysLIFE( Salvador - BA ) https://youtu.be/l-iNpufqfKE SADGE (Dominican Republic) https://youtu.be/Y4qpeEhqbXk iGreen - Website migration and application creation from a PSD Side projects developed with RadCORE and available for sale RadKANBAN - in development https://youtu.be/bmBq-7KiLhk RadFOOD - basic app but expandable https://1drv.ms/v/s!AovhnjIbioMAwwiqhMA9MkjaRi9Q?e=9IKeAf RadTICKET https://1drv.ms/u/s!AovhnjIbioMAuhul-PwIzQl7NdSH?e=TnCJHC Convert VCL to UNIGUI/RadCORE PT - Documentação de Ajuda Introdução (radcore.pro.br) EN - Help Doc Introduction (radcore.pro.br) PT - Log de Atualizações RadCORE uniGUI EN - Update Log RadCORE uniGUI Telegram Public Group https://t.me/projetoradcore WebSite: https://www.radcore.pro.br Contact Flávio Motta mikromundo@gmail.com +55 85 99862-1405
  2. Currently I'm using Unigui I've been trying to find a solution to drag and drop TUniPanels in order to make a Dinamic layout for placing DashBoards. Normally all you had to do is to code around the mouse events to capture mouse position and then alter the Left and Top property of the object you're draggin. The problem is that neither my form nor my Objects have the "OnMouseMove" event, without this event I cannot implement the code to capture mouse position in real time while draggin the object. If anyone know a solution to this problem I would apreciate it.
  3. I'm thinking of buying Unigui to start using it in our projects, I have some questions about licensing: I develop my projects on a Desktop PC and also a Notebook, could I install the same license on both? I need this answer as soon as possible, because I want to buy it today.
  4. Hi. We want to deploy our application on several datacenters, we are going to use the popular multiIP DNS routing(LoadBalancing) approach used for example in Google or large companies. Ie, when a user sends an NS request, the nearest (one of the IP addresses) is returned to him via DNS, thereby the user will get to one of our datacenters (in Lithuania, Finland, Russia, etc.).. In each of the datacenters there are several hyper_server instances with VRRP(keepAlived) – a common IP, if one of the hyper_server instances refuses VIP service, the second instance will be responsible, while it will access the same nodes (slave) the same as the first one. Because we plan to use the Rewrite load balancing mod and assign a unique white address to each working node (slave). I.e. users come with NS: mydomain.com Mydomain.com these are 3 IP addresses (different datacenters): { 1. XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX – Finland(a) 2. XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX – Lithuania(b) 3. XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX – Russia © } DataCenter #1(a) (for example Finland): Common IP master – mydomain.com = XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX – Finland { Master#1 – keepAlived IP – Active Master#2 – keepAlived IP – Reserve Master#3 – keepAlived IP – Reserve } All master servers within the datacenter have the same configuration for working nodes (slave): [server-0], [server-1],[server-2],[server-3]..[server-n] In Finland (slave), the nodes will be as follows: Slave – subdomain.mydomain.com = XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX – Finland { Slave #1 - a0.mydomain.com Slave #2 – a1.mydomain.com Slave #3 – a2.mydomain.com Slave #4 – a3.mydomain.com ... n } (If one of the slave servers falls, it's not as scary as if the master falls and the automatic reserve does not rise.) Then, of course, there is a VRRP for several PgBouncer (for a single pool of DBMS connections), followed by DBMS clusters with sharding and replication. (with auto-failower) All this architecture is not problematic except for one issue: Will we be able to organize a hot backup via master hyper_server via VRRP? Did someone do it? How to automatically raise another master nearby (with the same IP – VIP)(he will immediately pick up all the nodes(slave VM)), does anyone have experience?
  5. Unigui works well with SQL Server, has anyone used this database on it?
  6. Projeto RADCORE Acelere e facilite o desenvolvimento e/ou migração de suas aplicações para web usando DELPHI + uniGUI. Vídeo demonstrando recursos visuais do RadCORE, RadTICKET e RadFOOD. O código fonte do RadCORE é repleto de recursos exclusivos que permitem de maneira simples aplicar responsividade em seus projetos pré-existentes aproveitando 100% das suas regras de negócio, inclusive se você usa componentes de terceiros e sem precisar usar html/css/js ( templates ). Você não precisa removê-los !!! Esse é o conceito principal do RadCORE: Você não vai instalar nenhuma nova biblioteca de componentes e não vai remover o que você já tem. Pode usar os recursos exclusivos de banco dados( lookups dinâmicos, atributos dinâmicos para uniDBGrid etc.. ) ou não, você fica no controle. English version: Accelerate and facilitate the development and / or migration of your applications for web using DELPHI + uniGUI. Video demonstrating visual features of RadCORE, RadTICKET and RadFOOD. The source code of RadCORE is full of exclusive features that allow in a simple way to apply responsiveness to your pre-existing projects taking advantage of 100% of your business rules, even if you use third-party components and without having to use html / css / js (templates). You do not need to remove them !!! This is the main concept of RadCORE: You will not install any new component library and will not remove what you already have. You can use the unique database features (dynamic lookups, dynamic attributes for uniDBGrid etc ...) or not, you are in control. Mais informações: More information: Flávio Motta mikromundo@gmail.com +55 85 998621405 https://t.me/projetoradcore Since now Thank you all and especially FARSHAD ( FMSOFT family ) for the incredible work with uniGUI.
  7. Hi, I need expert feedback. My company used Delphi to develop most of our desktop applications. None of us has any experience with web scripting. Our company wants to develop a web-based exam center. The exams will usually show text, video, voice, and MOQ questions. The max number of users who will take an exam at the same time might exceed 9000. I suggest using UniGUI to develop the solution for this exam center, but I need to be assured of the following: 1. Can UniGUI support this number of users at the same time? 2. What Hardware specs are required? 3. What infrastructure is required (e.g., servers, bandwidth, load balancers, SSL, and DBMS). Your help is appreciated.
  8. Hi, in my application I'm starting using UniMap, the case is that I don't want to show the MapLayers in map, instead of that I want to do it by code, but I don't Know how to do it, Anyone can help me?, in other case how can I show the compass in map and change the direction? Thanks.. I'm using: Delphi 10.2 Unigui: FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_Professional_1.90.0.1555 TUniMap
  9. i have a project, i included rest api in this project. It works fine on my local computer. but when i throw dll to iis server i get "500 - Internal server error." error i tried these http://xxxxx.com.tr/?k=9be67861-75d593a0a4d&v=PrimService.exe http://xxxxx.com.tr/uniguiproject.dll/?k=9be67861-75d593a0a4d&v=PrimService.exe
  10. Hi programers. I having the error as show below when I try to delete a Marker. I'm coding UniMap1.Markers.Delete(Trunc(UniNumberEdit4.Value)); And Argument out of rage error raise. Who can help me? Thank for your help.
  11. Hi programers I am working with UniMap and I realize that when I add a CustomIconText to the Marker it covers the entire Marker and I would like the CustomIconText to be as shown in the image, which is above the marker. How can you do that?, Thank you for your collaborations.
  12. Hello developers I working a project with TUnimaps and after adding the markers on the map, when closing and open the application they aren't longer there. How can I show on the map the previously added markers? Tranks. I'm using delphi 10.2 Unigui
  13. how can unigui get the windows logon User id and Domain (using AD) during ISAPI launching ? Eg. 1.) User login into Windows using Active Directory authentication 2.) User Launching ISAPI web application (IIS), here need to read the User id and Domain entered during step 1 3.) Application go to main page if User id/Domain is valid, otherwise go to Login page
  14. Hello I'm trying to pass value to variable at runtime but when I pass text the band is not displayed. In Fast Report using Unigui I define 3 variables: FromDate ToDate Title I use this function: function TfrDM.GeneraReportePDF(const RepName: string; Rep, Title: string; FromDate, ToDate: TDateTime): string; begin frxRep.PrintOptions.ShowDialog := False; frxRep.ShowProgress := false; frxRep.EngineOptions.SilentMode := True; frxRep.EngineOptions.EnableThreadSafe := True; frxRep.EngineOptions.DestroyForms := False; frxRep.EngineOptions.UseGlobalDataSetList := False; frxRep.LoadFromFile(UniServerModule.FilesFolderPath + 'Reportes\' + RepName + '.fr3'); frxPDFExport.Background := True; frxPDFExport.ShowProgress := False; frxPDFExport.ShowDialog := False; frxPDFExport.FileName := UniServerModule.NewCacheFileUrl(False, 'pdf', '', '', Result, True); frxPDFExport.DefaultPath := ''; frxRep.PreviewOptions.AllowEdit := False; frxRep.Variables['FromDate'] := FromDate; frxRep.Variables['ToDate'] := ToDate; frxRep.Variables['Title'] := Title; frxRep.PrepareReport; frxRep.Export(frxPDFExport); end; The frxRep.Variables['Title'] doesn't admit a text, I don't know why... I need your help. Thanks. I using Delphi 10.2 Unigui
  15. Hello friends I would like information if there is any way to export information in a query, grid or dataset to excel in unigui. I have a report generation screen that is viewed in Fast Report and the client wants to export to excel, but the native delphi options that work with error unit COMobj. If someone has an example I thank you very much Hello friends I would like information if there is any way to export information in a query, grid or dataset to excel in unigui. I have a report generation screen that is viewed in Fast Report and the client wants to export to excel, but the native delphi options that work with error unit COMobj. If someone has an example I thank you very much
  16. Hello programmers, I have a problem in Fast Report using Unigui, I can't understand, when I load the report at runtime the data from my dataset is not displayed, but if I do it directly without frxReport1.LoadFromFile(); everything goes well. I'm using Delphi 10.2, UniGui and Fast Report 6.9.12. The idea is to be able to load my reports at runtime and have the data displayed, I use function TfrDM.GeneraReportePDF(const RepName: string): string; begin try frxRep.PrintOptions.ShowDialog := False; frxRep.ShowProgress := false; frxRep.EngineOptions.SilentMode := True; frxRep.EngineOptions.EnableThreadSafe := True; frxRep.EngineOptions.DestroyForms := False; frxRep.EngineOptions.UseGlobalDataSetList := False; frxRep.LoadFromFile(UniServerModule.FilesFolderPath + RepName + '.fr3'); if frxRep.Version >= '6.0.0' then frxRep.DataSets.Add(frxDSetRecibos); frxPDFExport.Background := True; frxPDFExport.ShowProgress := False; frxPDFExport.ShowDialog := False; frxPDFExport.FileName := UniServerModule.NewCacheFileUrl(False, 'pdf', '', '', Result, True); frxPDFExport.DefaultPath := ''; frxRep.PreviewOptions.AllowEdit := False; frxRep.PrepareReport; frxRep.Export(frxPDFExport); finally end; end; If I comment the line frxRep.LoadFromFile(UniServerModule.FilesFolderPath + RepName + '.fr3'); everything goes well but as I said before the idea is to load report at runtime Can anyone help me? I will be very grateful, thanks..
  17. Hi everyone! I'm kind of new into mobile development using framework Unigui in this current version (Trial - Equinox). So i was searching in forum about a doubt that was not resolved it at all, and i didn't find any answers that could helping me to find a clearly solution. But here in fact: - I have a Container Panel with alignment property (AlClient) defined. And inside him i have another UnimPanel form (again, with property Alclient defined) and a lot of components inside of them, like a UnimEdit, UnimCheckbox, Grid, etc... So, which property i have to use to, when i have more components inside that panel, he can dinamically adjust itself, besides i don't have to set a fixed height to my form? - Sorry if i posted in the wrong section or i don't used it correctly enough. I'm open to suggestions or links that could help me! Thanks.
  18. Good Morning, I would like to know if it is possible to integrate REM Objects SDK along with UniGui to make a connection to an application server. This is with the purpose of the use of the application server methods since this server processes the data, make queries and affects the database. In other way if i can't use REM, is there some place in the frame where i can integrate my custom remote functions invocations? I would really appreciate any help, Thank you.
  19. Hi , In fact, I have long been eager to create a Responsive web app with Unigui. Of course, it's enough to create an app that handles administrative or massive data with Unigui. However, sometimes there are a lot of demands for design from clients and for responsive web. With UniGui's UniGUIServerModuleHTTPCommand, you can create a responsive and responsive app that meets your needs. However, this approach is often annoying when dealing with Unigui's greatest strength, Dataset. So, to make the best use of Unigui's advantages and to avoid the inconvenience of forming datasets, I wrote a very small module and named it dbfoxScript. As the name implies, it not only imports Datasets from the server, but also makes them faithful to the CRUD role. Therefore, if you need to add or modify datasets, you can speed up your development by minimizing the compile behavior after opening and modifying the Server Module like the previous development. Of course, developing a Web app in HTML can be a tiring thing. We are already familiar with Unigui through intuitive and easy development. <About dbfoxScript> It is a simple script made only for CRUD. select, insert, update, delete, upload (File). It can be used when using Ajax with Unigui Server instead of PHP, JSP, ASP. Currently, it is under testing, and will make minimal functionality. It was easy to create using Unigui's modules and components. nice connections with jQuery mobile, ReAct native, Ionic, and so on. Supported RDBs are SQL server, Firebird, MySQL and so on ( with UniDac ) <Configuration> 1. Webserver: Unigui 2. dbfoxScript: Unigui 3. Designed Templete: Luna (Comercial) * Design choice is up to you. 4. Sample Database: Firebird 5. Unidac Lets start !! 1. prepare to connect Database -- open settinginfo.ini and Edit yours !! [UNIDAC] ProviderName=Interbase Server= Username=SYSDBA Password=masterkey Database=<youPath>\uni_dbfox_ajax_unidac_luna_master\IBDATA\uni_demo.fdb Provider=prAuto //Provider=prDirect //Provider=prAuto ( Firebird ) 2. how to call foxscript in javascript - remember ( CRUD means that those are 'select, update,delete,insert , upload ) - refer ServerModule.pas - this is for only 'select' query // sample 1 . dbfox/Datatables_member.html function get_member(){ var search_key = $("#search_member_name").val() ; if (search_key=='') { search_key = '' ; } else { search_key = search_key ; } var params = { foxFileName : 'member.fox', //[restrict] - only write fox file name ( should not use with folder ) foxTagName : 'fox@select_member', search_name : '%'+search_key+'%' }; //******************************************************** //connect Database and Return Selected Dataset as Json - That's it //******************************************************** var data = dbfox_ajaxRequest( 'select' , params ) ; console.log( data[0]); That'all . BTW , what params mean ? - first , open fox file dbfox/scriptures/member.fox - second look for Tag of fox@select_member - Automatically , it makes SQL statement and return jsonDataset to Client. /********************* * member.fox * */ <fox@select_member> SELECT member_id , member_name , member_image_filename , userid , password , indate , zaddr1 FROM MEMBER WHERE member_name LIKE :search_name </fox@select_member> * foxScript will return jsonDataset . 3. ServerModule.pas procedure TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleHTTPCommand( ARequestInfo: TIdHTTPRequestInfo; AResponseInfo: TIdHTTPResponseInfo; var Handled: Boolean); var r : string ; params : TStrings ; begin //1.select if UpperCase(ARequestInfo.URI) = UpperCase( '/SELECT' ) then begin Handled := true; r := remote_Select( params ) ; AResponseInfo.ContentText := r ; end; //----- refer source about Insert , delete , upload(File/Image) end; uni_dbfox_ajax_unidac_luna_master.zip
  20. Attached here has an example of the problem. Notice that the creation works normal in the create of the form, but in onSHow or anywhere else it doesn't work. IconCombobox.rar
  21. Hello, I'm using UniTagField and I felt the need to research the items. I looked in the demos but found nothing. Was there a solution?
  22. I cannot catch errors with Eurekalog in Unigui project. I'm compiling the GumProWebRT.exe project and running it. GumProWeb.dll project uses parents. I followed the steps in the link below to set up a EurEkaLog to UniGui Delphi Compiler :DelphiXE7 Eurekalog version: The contents of the configuration file are below. The configuration file: uniGUI.eof : [Exception Log] EurekaLog Version=7007 Activate Handle=1 Activate=1 atCGI=0 atCLX=0 atConsole=0 atCPL=0 atDLL=1 atFixSafeCallException=0 atFMX=0 atIntraWeb=0 atISAPI=0 atMT=0 atService=0 AttachedFiles="" atVCL=0 atWin32=0 AutoCloseDialogSecs=0 AutoCrashMinutes=1 AutoCrashNumber=10 AutoCrashOperation=0 boCallRTLExceptionEvent=0 boCatchHandledExceptions=0 boCopyLogInCaseOfError=1 boDoNotPauseELServiceThread=1 boDoNotPauseMainThread=0 boHandleSafeCallExceptions=0 boPauseELThreads=0 boPauseRTLThreads=0 boPauseWindowsThreads=0 boSaveCompressedCopyInCaseOfError=0 boUseChainedExceptions=1 boUseMainModuleOptions=0 cfoCheckFileCorruption=0 cfoReduceFileSize=1 CompatibilityMode=0 csoAllowedRenderMethods=32 csoCaptureDelphiExceptions=1 csoCaptureOnlyModuleExceptions=1 csoDisabledRenderMethods=-2147483648 csoDoNotStoreProcNames=0 csoShowBPLs=1 csoShowDLLs=1 csoShowELThreads=0 csoShowInvalid=0 csoShowPointers=0 csoShowRTLThreads=0 csoShowWindowsThreads=0 Custom HELO command="" CustomExceptionMessage="There was an error. If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost." CustomTrackerName="" Debug=0 DebugDLL="" DebugInfoSource=1 DebugPath="" DefaultThreadState=1 DeferredCallStacks=1 DeleteMapAfterCompile=1 Dialog Class="TMessageBoxDialog" Dialogs on taskbar=0 DoNotAlterMSBuildEvents=1 DoNotTouch=0 DoNotTouchCompilation=0 DoNotTouchOptions=0 DoNotTouchPackages=0 DoNotTouchUnits=0 dpDLLExports=0 dpJCL=0 dpMadExcept=0 dpMap=0 dpMicrosoft=0 dpTD32=0 EarlyCapture=0 ECC32TradeSpeedForMemory=0 edoAttachScreenshotChecked=1 edoAutoSize=1 edoInstallCtrlCHook=1 edoOwnedWindow=1 edoSendErrorReportChecked=1 edoShowAttachScreenshotOption=1 edoShowCopyToClipOption=1 edoShowCustomButton=0 edoShowDetailsButton=1 edoShowInTopMostMode=0 edoShowModal=1 edoShowSendErrorReportOption=1 edoUseEurekaLogLookAndFeel=0 edoUseNativeMessageBox=1 edoUseRealIcon=0 edoUseRealName=0 ELX+EL=0 Encrypt Password="" Errors Number=1 Errors Terminate=0 EventLog_Category=0 EventLog_Computer="" EventLog_EventID=0 EventLog_Name="" ExternalConfig="" FiltersCount=0 Foreground Tab=1 Freeze Activate=0 Freeze Debugger Disable=1 Freeze Timeout=4 HTMLLayout="%U003Chtml%U003E\r\n %U003Chead%U003E\r\n %U003C%%content_type%%%U003E\r\n %U003Cmeta http-equiv=\qcontent-style-type\q content=\qtext/css\q /%U003E\r\n %U003Ctitle%U003E%U003C%%TITLE%%%U003E%U003C/title%U003E\r\n %U003C/head%U003E\r\n %U003Cbody%U003E\r\n %U003Ch1%U003EInternal Application Error%U003C/h1%U003E\r\n %U003Cp%U003E%U003C%%EXCEPTION_MESSAGE%%%U003E%U003C/p%U003E\r\n %U003Cp%U003E%U003Chr width=\q100%%\q%U003E\r\n %U003Cp%U003EThe exception details were saved to log file. Contact site administrator.%U003C/p%U003E\r\n %U003C/body%U003E\r\n%U003C/html%U003E" idConsole=0 idEurekaLog=0 idEurekaLogDetailed=0 idMSClassic=0 idService=0 idStepsToReproduce=0 idWeb=0 idWER=0 InjectCode=0 InjectInfo=1 InjectOptions=1 loAddBugIDInLogFileName=0 loAddComputerNameInLogFileName=1 loAddDateInLogFileName=1 loAllowManualActivation=0 loAppendReproduceText=0 loAppendReproduceTextOnlyWhenSending=1 loAttemptToUseSharedMM=0 loCatchLeaks=1 loCatchLeaksExceptions=1 loDeleteLogAtVersionChange=0 loEmptyFreedMemory=1 loEnableMMDebugMode=0 loFreeAllLeaks=0 loGroupsSonLeaks=1 loHideRTLLeaks=1 loMaxLeaks=30 loModulesSecton=1 loNoDuplicateErrors=0 loOnlyUnderDebugger=1 loOnlyUnderIDE=1 loProcessesSection=0 loRAWTracing=0 loResAllowManualOverride=0 loResCatchLeaks=0 loResHideRTLLeaks=1 loResOnlyUnderDebugger=1 loResOnlyUnderIDE=1 loResRAWStackTrace=0 loSaveAssemblerAndCPUSections=1 loShareMM=0 Mandatory e-mail=0 MiniDumpCreate=0 MiniDumpOptions=0 MinLeakSizeName=0 MinLeakSizeNameObjs=0 NestedExceptionMessage=3 NestedExceptionsStack=2 Output Path=".\\EurekaLog\\Bug Reports\\%%_ThisModuleName%%\\" Pack dump=1 Pack HTML=1 Pack report=1 Pack screenshot=1 Pack XML=1 PostFailureBuildEvent="" PostSuccessfulBuildEvent="" PreBuildEvent="" Presave report=1 ProjectID="" Save Log File=1 seBugZilla=0 seFogBugz=0 seFTP=0 seHTTP=0 seJIRA=0 seMantis=0 seMAPI=0 Sender Classes="" seSMAPI=0 seSMTP=0 ShowEMailControl=0 SlowAndSafe=1 sndAddBugIDInFileName=1 sndAddComputerNameInFileName=0 sndAddDateInFileName=1 sndBugZillaAppendText=0 sndBugZillaBasicAuthLogin="" sndBugZillaBasicAuthPassword="" sndBugZillaBugIDFieldName="" sndBugZillaComponent="" sndBugZillaCountFieldName="" sndBugZillaLogin="your-account" sndBugZillaOwner="" sndBugZillaPassword="" sndBugZillaPort=80 sndBugZillaProject="" sndBugZillaProxyHost="" sndBugZillaProxyLogin="" sndBugZillaProxyPassword="" sndBugZillaProxyPort=8080 sndBugZillaSSL=0 sndBugZillaUploadFilesForDups=0 sndBugZillaURL="www.example.com/folder/" sndBugZillaUseEMail=0 sndBugZillaUseHardware=1 sndBugZillaUseOS=1 sndBugZillaUseVersion=1 sndBugZillaVersion="" sndDeleteFileAfterSend=1 sndFogBugzAppendText=0 sndFogBugzArea="" sndFogBugzBasicAuthLogin="" sndFogBugzBasicAuthPassword="" sndFogBugzBugIDFieldName="" sndFogBugzCategory="" sndFogBugzHost="www.example.com/folder/" sndFogBugzID="" sndFogBugzLogin="your-account" sndFogBugzOwner="" sndFogBugzPassword="" sndFogBugzPort=80 sndFogBugzProject="" sndFogBugzProxyLogin="" sndFogBugzProxyPass="" sndFogBugzProxyPort=8080 sndFogBugzProxyURL="" sndFogBugzSSL=0 sndFogBugzUploadFilesForDups=0 sndFogBugzUseComputer=1 sndFogBugzUseEMail=1 sndFogBugzUseVersion=1 sndFTPLogin="your-account" sndFTPPassive=1 sndFTPPassword="" sndFTPPort=21 sndFTPProcy="" sndFTPProxyLogin="" sndFTPProxyPass="" sndFTPProxyPort=8080 sndFTPURL="www.example.com/folder/" sndHTTPAuthLogin="" sndHTTPAuthPass="" sndHTTPPort=80 sndHTTPProxy="" sndHTTPProxyLogin="" sndHTTPProxyPass="" sndHTTPProxyPort=8080 sndHTTPSSL=0 sndHTTPURL="www.example.com/folder/" sndJIRAAppendText=0 sndJIRAComponent="" sndJIRACountFieldName="" sndJIRAHost="www.example.com/folder/" sndJIRAIssueType="Bug" sndJIRALogin="your-account" sndJIRAOwner="" sndJIRAPassword="" sndJIRAPort=80 sndJIRAProject="" sndJIRAProxyLogin="" sndJIRAProxyPass="" sndJIRAProxyPort=8080 sndJIRAProxyURL="" sndJIRASSL=0 sndJIRAUploadFilesForDups=0 sndJIRAUseVersion="" sndMantisAppendText=0 sndMantisBasicAuthLogin="" sndMantisBasicAuthPass="" sndMantisBugIDFieldName="" sndMantisCategory="" sndMantisCountFieldName="" sndMantisLogin="your-account" sndMantisOwner="" sndMantisPassword="" sndMantisPort=80 sndMantisProject="" sndMantisProxy="" sndMantisProxyLogin="" sndMantisProxyPassw="" sndMantisProxyPort=8080 sndMantisSSL=0 sndMantisUploadFilesForDups=0 sndMantisURL="www.example.com/folder/" sndMantisUseWSDL=1 sndMantisVersion="" sndMAPIAppendLogs=0 sndMAPIMessage="%%_ExceptMsg%%%%_LineBreak%%%%_CallStack%%%%_LineBreak%%%%_LineBreak%%%%_Reproduce%%%%_LineBreak%%%%_LineBreak%%" sndMAPISubject="%%_ThisModuleName%%: %%_ExceptType%% (Bug %%_BugID%%; 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v%%_ThisModuleVer%%)" sndSMTPClientTarget="your-email@example.com" sndSMTPClientTLS=0 sndSMTPClientUseRealEMail=0 sndSMTPServerAppendLogs=0 sndSMTPServerFrom="your-email@example.com" sndSMTPServerMessage="%%_ExceptMsg%%%%_LineBreak%%%%_CallStack%%%%_LineBreak%%%%_LineBreak%%%%_Reproduce%%%%_LineBreak%%%%_LineBreak%%" sndSMTPServerPort=25 sndSMTPServerSSL=0 sndSMTPServerSubject="%%_ThisModuleName%%: %%_ExceptType%% (Bug %%_BugID%%; v%%_ThisModuleVer%%)" sndSMTPServerTarget="your-email@example.com" sndSMTPServerTLS=0 sndSMTPServerUseRealEMail=0 sndTimeout=60000 soActCtlsControlClass=0 soActCtlsControlText=0 soActCtlsFormClass=0 soActCtlsFormText=0 soAppCompilationDate=0 soAppName=0 soAppParameters=0 soAppStartDate=0 soAppUpTime=0 soAppVersionNumber=0 soCmpDisplayDPI=0 soCmpDisplayMode=0 soCmpFreeDisk=0 soCmpFreeMemory=0 soCmpName=0 soCmpPrinter=0 soCmpProcessor=0 soCmpSysUpTime=0 soCmpTotalDisk=0 soCmpTotalMemory=0 soCmpVideoCard=0 soCmpVM=0 soCustomData=0 soExcCount=0 soExcDate=0 soExcModuleName=0 soExcModuleVersion=0 soExcNote=0 soExcStatus=0 soNetDHCP=0 soNetDNS1=0 soNetDNS2=0 soNetGateway=0 soNetIP=0 soNetSubmask=0 soOSBuildN=0 soOSCharset=0 soOSInstallLanguage=0 soOSLanguage=0 soOSType=0 soOSUILanguage=0 soOSUpdate=0 soStepsToReproduce=1 soUserCompany=0 soUserEmail=1 soUserID=0 soUserName=1 soUserPrivileges=0 Stats=0 StoreEmptyUnits=1 SupportULR="" TDSCompleteRoutines=0 TDSCompleteUnits=0 TerminateBtn Checked=1 TerminateBtn Operation=2 TextsCollection="Default" UseExceptionComments=1 UseLowLevel=1 WebErrorCode=200 WERCustomizeReport=1 WERDumpType=0 WERPassThroughUnexpected=0 WERPassThroughUnhandled=0 WERSubmitAddRegisteredData=1 WERSubmitHonorRecovery=1 WERSubmitHonorRestart=1 WERSubmitNoArchive=0 WERSubmitNoCloseUI=0 WERSubmitNoQueue=0 WERSubmitOutOfProcess=1 WERSubmitOutOfProcessAsync=0 WERSubmitQueue=0 WERSubmitShowDebug=0 WERSubmitStartMinimized=0 ZipPassword=""
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