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  1. Sample code in windows application using windows API 'GetUserName' dwUserNameLen := cnMaxUserNameLen - 1; SetLength(UserName, cnMaxUserNameLen); GetUserName(PChar(UserName), dwUserNameLen); SetLength(UserName, dwUserNameLen); Self.AddLog('GetUserName:'+UserName); In Windows application, it can return the correct logon windows Id, but the same code does not work in ISAPI mode, it only return the default id defined in IIS (Server).
  2. how can unigui get the windows logon User id and Domain (using AD) during ISAPI launching ? Eg. 1.) User login into Windows using Active Directory authentication 2.) User Launching ISAPI web application (IIS), here need to read the User id and Domain entered during step 1 3.) Application go to main page if User id/Domain is valid, otherwise go to Login page
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