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Found 29 results

  1. Olá pessoal! Estamos com um problema ao colocar um scroll e rolar a pagina para baixo o componente htmlframe fica parado sem rolar junto com os demais elementos. Link para o vídeo mostrando o erro --- > http://www.grsoft.com.br/videos/VideoErroScroll.mp4 Agradecemos quem poder ajudar!
  2. Uelson Cavalcante

    Sistema aborda na inserção de novo cadastro

    Boa tarde, peço ajuda de vcs. Ao realizar vários cadastro na mesma tela, o sistema perde a conexão com base de dados, estou usando a versão do Unigui Preciso fechar o sistema e carregar novamente, trava o navegador, necessário sair e voltar novamente.
  3. Hi, I want to add optional two-factor authentication during login into my Delphi win32 application. Using: Delphi 10.1 Berlin Enterprise User logs in using normal username and password. On his mobile phone he have the Google Authenticator application, which is the code that he needs to enter in the application. What would be the easiest way to set this up? A very basic example would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. mika

    uniGUI update and cache

    Some of our customers are having weird problems with our uniGUI software. I updated uniGUI to the latest version yesterday and at least some customers are getting AJAX-errors, duplicate entries in uniDBGrid and so on. I troubleshooted the problem with one of our customers and I asked him to clear cache or try another browser (He was using IE 11). He tried to use Chrome and everything worked as expected. One another customer cleared cache and that seemed to solve problem for her. I can't reproduce any of the errors and problem they're having so it's really difficult to fix something that doesn't seem to be broken. Is there something I'm missing here? What can I do to to solve this issue? Is there a way to instruct clients browser to fetch all the uniGUI files again effectively refreshing them? Is this cache related at all? If not, what should I do to prevent these kind of situations in the future when I update uniGUI to new version? Please advice. // Mika
  5. VictorAlves

    Question about updating

    Hi, What has changed in UniGUI update 1.50 ?
  6. Hi , In fact, I have long been eager to create a Responsive web app with Unigui. Of course, it's enough to create an app that handles administrative or massive data with Unigui. However, sometimes there are a lot of demands for design from clients and for responsive web. With UniGui's UniGUIServerModuleHTTPCommand, you can create a responsive and responsive app that meets your needs. However, this approach is often annoying when dealing with Unigui's greatest strength, Dataset. So, to make the best use of Unigui's advantages and to avoid the inconvenience of forming datasets, I wrote a very small module and named it dbfoxScript. As the name implies, it not only imports Datasets from the server, but also makes them faithful to the CRUD role. Therefore, if you need to add or modify datasets, you can speed up your development by minimizing the compile behavior after opening and modifying the Server Module like the previous development. Of course, developing a Web app in HTML can be a tiring thing. We are already familiar with Unigui through intuitive and easy development. <About dbfoxScript> It is a simple script made only for CRUD. select, insert, update, delete, upload (File). It can be used when using Ajax with Unigui Server instead of PHP, JSP, ASP. Currently, it is under testing, and will make minimal functionality. It was easy to create using Unigui's modules and components. nice connections with jQuery mobile, ReAct native, Ionic, and so on. Supported RDBs are SQL server, Firebird, MySQL and so on ( with UniDac ) <Configuration> 1. Webserver: Unigui 2. dbfoxScript: Unigui 3. Designed Templete: Luna (Comercial) * Design choice is up to you. 4. Sample Database: Firebird 5. Unidac Lets start !! 1. prepare to connect Database -- open settinginfo.ini and Edit yours !! [UNIDAC] ProviderName=Interbase Server= Username=SYSDBA Password=masterkey Database=<youPath>\uni_dbfox_ajax_unidac_luna_master\IBDATA\uni_demo.fdb Provider=prAuto //Provider=prDirect //Provider=prAuto ( Firebird ) 2. how to call foxscript in javascript - remember ( CRUD means that those are 'select, update,delete,insert , upload ) - refer ServerModule.pas - this is for only 'select' query // sample 1 . dbfox/Datatables_member.html function get_member(){ var search_key = $("#search_member_name").val() ; if (search_key=='') { search_key = '' ; } else { search_key = search_key ; } var params = { foxFileName : 'member.fox', //[restrict] - only write fox file name ( should not use with folder ) foxTagName : 'fox@select_member', search_name : '%'+search_key+'%' }; //******************************************************** //connect Database and Return Selected Dataset as Json - That's it //******************************************************** var data = dbfox_ajaxRequest( 'select' , params ) ; console.log( data[0]); That'all . BTW , what params mean ? - first , open fox file dbfox/scriptures/member.fox - second look for Tag of fox@select_member - Automatically , it makes SQL statement and return jsonDataset to Client. /********************* * member.fox * */ <fox@select_member> SELECT member_id , member_name , member_image_filename , userid , password , indate , zaddr1 FROM MEMBER WHERE member_name LIKE :search_name </fox@select_member> * foxScript will return jsonDataset . 3. ServerModule.pas procedure TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleHTTPCommand( ARequestInfo: TIdHTTPRequestInfo; AResponseInfo: TIdHTTPResponseInfo; var Handled: Boolean); var r : string ; params : TStrings ; begin //1.select if UpperCase(ARequestInfo.URI) = UpperCase( '/SELECT' ) then begin Handled := true; r := remote_Select( params ) ; AResponseInfo.ContentText := r ; end; //----- refer source about Insert , delete , upload(File/Image) end; uni_dbfox_ajax_unidac_luna_master.zip
  7. Boa tarde. Pessoal. Gostaria de saber como é feito o processo de hospedagem de uma aplicação unigui através do apache. Por exemplo localizei um sistema em que ocorre da seguinte forma: Tem uma pasta que e colocada no c: do servidor com o nome de apache onde tem todos os arquivos do apache e da aplicação, posteriormente e criado um serviço no windows httpd -install e pronto o sistema já esta rodando. Porém não sei como funciona o processo de preparação desta pasta. Alguém já viu isso? Obrigado
  8. lmacierinha

    Unigui with Service Worker, Firebase

    Somebody used Service Worker to use Firebase for send push notifications for web mobile application? Where put register service worker javascript? Where put manifest.json? Information about what i am talking about you can see in https://firebase.google.com
  9. http://delphi.org/2018/02/live-13-feb-2018-delphi-web-frameworks/
  10. Boa tarde, eu estou desenvolvendo uma aplicação com hospedagem no IIS, e neste como todos, gero relatorios em PDF usando o FastReports. Uso esse código para gerar o PDF. NomeRPT.PrepareReport(True); ArqPDF := NomeRelPDF+'_'+FormatDateTime('ddmmyyyy_hhmmss.zzz',Now)+'.pdf'; PDFExport.FileName := ArqPDF; PDFExport.DefaultPath := UniServerModule.LocalCachePath; PDFExport.ShowDialog := false; PDFExport.ShowProgress := False; NomeRPT.Export(Self.PDFExport); NomeRPT.PreviewPages.SaveToFile(ArqPDF); frmRelatorios_Movimento.UniPDFFrame1.PdfURL := UniServerModule.LocalCacheURL + ArqPDF; // Displayed on UniURLFrame frmRelatorios_Movimento.ShowModal; Ele está gerando normalmente o arquivo na Cache do Servidor (pasta criada pelo Unigui na raíz da aplicação), porém, ele cria o mesmo arquivo dentro da C:\Windows\SysWOW64, só que isso vai enchendo a pasta de sistemas com arquivos PDF e eu não consigo encontrar onde é o problema que o mesmo salva uma copia do arquivo na pasta de sistema. Alguém já viu algo parecido com isso?
  11. Nick

    Record field Allignment

    Hello, We just purchased a license for UNIGUI and we converted 2 existing exexutables from Win64 to UniGUI. The result is awesome! Thank you all! I just noticed that specifically the indy components are pre-compiled using record field allignment Quad. And our software is compiled with byte. I can change our programs by putting the word packed in front of all the records (about 1500 records) and it will work but i was wondering if there is any other way. Also i found a bug in Sencha where if you have a UNIMAINMENU and the UNIMAINMENUOPTIONS contain a checkbox, if you set the check option then it popups with a script error "There is no setChecked method for this object". Thank you very much for any ideas or resolutions regarding this issue. Nick
  12. Nervosao2017

    Criar pesquisa no CRUD

    Bom dia. Pessoal preciso criar no CRUD, parte de pesquisa, por exemplo tenho 100 usuário cadastrados, e quero pesquisar o nome do João. Alguém tem algum bizu para isso. Obrigado.
  13. I would like to know how when editing in a cell in the grid would have like the text to be edited, to be selected. -> When editing, select all cell contents
  14. Boa noite, pessoal estou com dificuldades em usar este unigui, por exemplo de replicar os demos, etc. Alguém sabe algum curso de unigui? Obrigado.
  15. WagnerAlexandre

    Future unigui

    The unigui always have compatibility with new versions of Delphi? What can we expect from unigui for years to come? We are thinking of starting a large project with unigui, we are enjoying what we are seeing, but I wonder if we can believe that the project will last for many years out. Thank you
  16. ydarsius

    why i create excel file

    why i cant create excel file, this is the error i use fast report, here is my code procedure TRptModule.MyFrxexcel(frxReport: TfrxReport); begin frxReport.ShowProgress:=False; frxReport.PrintOptions.ShowDialog:=False; frxReport.EngineOptions.SilentMode:=True; frxXLSXExport1.SlaveExport:=False; frxXLSXExport1.SuppressPageHeadersFooters:=False; frxXLSXExport1.Wysiwyg:=True; frxXLSXExport1.FileName := UniServerModule.LocalCachePath +RptName; frxXLSXExport1.DefaultPath := ''; frxReport.PrepareReport(); frxReport.Export(frxXLSXExport1); // Export Report UniSession.SendFile(UniServerModule.LocalCachePath +RptName, RptName); end; Regards yudi
  17. AndersonSOS

    Export information to excel

    Hello friends I would like information if there is any way to export information in a query, grid or dataset to excel in unigui. I have a report generation screen that is viewed in Fast Report and the client wants to export to excel, but the native delphi options that work with error unit COMobj. If someone has an example I thank you very much Hello friends I would like information if there is any way to export information in a query, grid or dataset to excel in unigui. I have a report generation screen that is viewed in Fast Report and the client wants to export to excel, but the native delphi options that work with error unit COMobj. If someone has an example I thank you very much
  18. leandroavila74

    mobile webcam

    Hi How do I get a photo from the camera and save this file in .jpg format using unigui-mobile? Thank You
  19. WagnerAlexandre

    Loading Image

    You can change the application's load image? Thanks.
  20. Hi, I have seen CreateOrder property in various components of uniGUI. How can I see the effect of setting value of this property. What is actual use of this property? Thanks & Regards,
  21. leandroavila74

    ISAPI deploy IIS 8

    Could anyone help me I am trying to "deploy" to the windows server 2012 but the problem is that it uses the IIS 8 and I'm not getting run my ISAPI I, tried everything following the unigui manual, but the manual tells you how to do this in IIS 6 and 7, 8 is different, anyone has any tutorial on how to do this? Leandro
  22. Alessandro

    FastReport RichText / UniGUI

    I have a serious problem with RichText. - I´m use XE5 with FR 5.3.9. - In the form, I put RichObject and the report put the RichText. The problem occurs when I print, gives the error "window handle is invalid." If I remove the report RichText, print normally. I have uninstalled it and I downloaded again, but the error persists. Would anyone tell me how to solve this? Eu tenho um sério problema com RichText. - Uso XE5 com FR 5.3.9. - No form, eu coloquei RichObject e no relatório coloquei o RichText. O problema ocorre quando eu vou imprimir, dá o erro: "identificador da janela é inválido." Se eu remover do relatório o RichText, imprime normalmente. Eu desinstalei e eu baixei de novo, mas o erro persiste. Será que alguém me dizer como resolver isso?
  23. Hola foro! Necesito pasarle datos a la aplicación unigui. En mi caso es una "isapi". Alguien sabe como pasarle variables de sesión cargadas en HTML, php o ASP, por ejemplo, a la aplicación?. Qué unidades usar y/o en qué eventos? Muchas gracias
  24. David Oliveira

    UNIGUI for Delphi XE7

    When we have a UNIGUI for Delphi XE7?
  25. Hi everyone, i'm having my project already set up, but i was thinking about the following. I want the a user-lock on login, that means, if a user is already logged in to the user-area or the user is logging in new, i dont want the same user to have another session. My idea is to add a field ('loggedIn') in my user-table of my database which i then use for the lock. BUT what if the session gets killed or the users database connection breaks up. Then i have a logged user which cant log in anymore. How do you handle this or whats your idea? Thanks