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Found 7 results

  1. В стандартной теме проблем нет, но если включить какую-нибудь другую тему, то есть проблема - это видно на картинках 2 и 3, т.е. TuniEdit не вмещается и обрезается. То ли контейнеры TuniToolbar ведут себя неправильно, то ли сами компоненты TuniEdit, которые лежат внутри контейнеров, ведут себя неправильно. По идее, контейнеры и сами TuniEdit должны уменьшиться либо панель должна увеличиться в зависимости от компонентов. Может уже есть решение? Может контейнерам и/или компонентам TuniEdit можно что-то прописать в свойствах?
  2. Farshad how do you make the triton.modified theme available in the drop down selection? I have only noticed the file "uni-xtheme-triton.modified.css" in the "C:\dev\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\uni-\css" folder. I have added a custom file of mine there but it is not available in the selection list.
  3. There are only 4 themes in my sample project, how to get other themes
  4. How come that selection of theme is limited in runtime (package for server). There seems to be only 4 while in local are up to 10+ or something?
  5. Hi, It is a easy task to change the color of a existing theme? Per example taking the standard theme and fade all the blue stuff in to green one. Should that be done directly in the theme css? Or is the proper way to do this in CustomCSS property of the server module?
  6. I would like to let the users have the posibility of choosing the theme. The demo was not updated to the last version of UniGui. Assigning a value to the UniMainModule.Theme after it was created does nothing. UniMainModule.Theme:='blue'; //Does nothing !! Does anyone know how's done ?
  7. Best to all I'm making a new application with version, but note that they have uploaded the new version and wanted to try but when I try to put the same theme that I am using in version, this menu disappears from me system. Annex images of the two versions and annexes the themes one is red and one is blue these are the themes I'm using. version : Version : these are the themes I'm using. ext-theme-silverred.rar--RED ext-all-silverblue.rar --BLUE
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